#5 Proven Selling Tips To Boost Sales

#5 Proven Selling Tips To Boost Sales

Truth to be told I used to hate to sell products.

I was so poor in communication skills when I used to go and talk to people.

I was never interested to go and talk to strangers, but when I started doing it by day one, it made me understand that selling is the skill which teaches most of your personality skills.

To just brief, you will learn,

Communication skills,

Convincing capacity

Societal Behavior


And much more.

The day I started implementing the new tips by reading new books to sell my dad's products from his trading business, I met so many people who were completely different everyday.

Here are all those 5 things which I started implementing when I was selling the products.

I would like to share those and help your people succeed in selling your products.

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There are different ways of selling your products, sometimes you are selling your service, sometimes you are selling yourself to others to teach or provide service.

I will be discussing the general tips which are appropriate for any types of selling your products.

I have met a lot of salespeople that do love their profession and they all have two things in common — they make money and they KNOW what they are doing.

Very few people inherently like sales.

Everyone, I know who loves sales love it because they are successful at it.

Now let's get started to discuss the sales tips,

1. Greet Your Prospect

Greet your prospect

Greet means making your prospect feel comfortable and welcome him confidently.

To greet means to address with an expression of kind wishes upon meeting or upon arrival. It’s about trying to make people feel welcome.

This is the first purpose of greeting a customer, but it’s also your first chance to make a great impression on them. What you say and how you say it will set the tone for the rest of the deal.

When you are meeting the person for the first time, those first seconds are the most important seconds which will never change so be careful how you keep your impression in front of him.

Your handshake should be so firm and confident that he should be recharged by your confidence.

If you want to make sure that he calls with your name make sure that you wear your badge and make him comfortable to remember your name.

In the same way make sure that you remember his name and this is one of the most important aspect when you are meeting the prospect.

People love you when you remember their name and call them with their names without fail.

Million dollar contracts are lost due to not remembering the names.

Now as you have welcomed and greeted the prospect, it's time to build the trust without fail and tell him your name confidently.

You also want to differentiate from any experience they’ve had in the past with your product or service.

Anyone can say, “Hi, my name’s Grant.” After that, if you can’t build trust, you’re not going to put them at ease, and you’re going to struggle to get on common ground.

If you don’t differentiate yourself, you’ll never control the process.

So, the greeting is to…

  • welcome
  • make yourself known
  • put people at ease
  • differentiate yourself
  • grab control of the process.

Now let us go to 2nd tip,

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2. Get Qualified For Your Sales

Get qualified for your sales

When you are selling something you need to have control on your questioning capacity for the prospect.

The person who controls the questioning and gets answers to his questions will control the sales to happen.

When the prospect is tough and is not ready to answer the questions that you need to make sure that you twist the questions so that you get answers to those questions.

Most of the times the worst questions I have ever asked were :

What is your budget?

Here the prospect feels he is grading my worth as per the budget basis and he is going to sell me the product on my worth. So do not ask such question, rather ask

How much are you willing to invest in this product?

So here the prospect will answer your question as per his budget and you will get to know how you need to handle the client.

If he resists to tell the budget ask that prospect to resemble the quote and ask him to judge and value the product on his calculations.

Most of the times people do not have any idea of how much it costs or how much should we invest!

So be careful for what product are you going to ask the budget and whom are your asking.

Another question which I have asked -

Are you the final decision maker?

Now this made him to answer the status quo question, so make sure that study the persons profile and ask this question, because most of the times they either hesitate or will lie that they are the ones who are the decision makers.

The another question -

When have you planned to buy it?

Now here the prospect feels that you are worried when will you convert and you are just worried about the profits.

If you want to be more effective and increase your closing ratio you have to ask great, professional questions that demonstrate that you care and get the answers to those questions.

3. Your Presentation Skills

Presentation skills

There is a saying which tells :

"What People See, They Buy"

Here is the crucial stage of selling your product, wherein you need to motivate and make the buyer to feel they are the owners of the product.

When you make them understand that you are providing the complete solution, they will transform into the ownership behavior.

Motivating your buyer to feel that I need to own this product, which makes you turn your prospect to buying customer.

Why do you think most of the companies spend millions on the presentation, because that is what turns people's mindset to own the product.

Turning the psychology to buy the product is left to how you present the product to the prospect.

The presentation of your product or service should handle every concern, build value and motivate your prospect to ownership.

You need to tailor the presentation to your prospects dominant buying motives.

If you give a standard, one-size-fits-all presentation, hoping that something you say will be relevant and hit a hot button, chances are your prospect won’t be listening.

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Now let us go to 4th tip,

4. Proposal For Your Prospect


Most of the times I hear from businesses that they do not want to provide complete information in the proposals.

When you are proposing the customer about the business, they need to clarify the every detail so that they can make the firm decision.

Remember you are sending the proposal to those who are really interested in your product or service.

More the proposals you have the most of sales you do.

When you are writing the proposal, make sure that you write the commercial matters or pricing very clearly.

I have seen businesses they do not want to disclose the amount in the proposal, rather they want to discuss about it when they are in the offices but what I feel is you should disclose the matter so that prospect feels that you are confident about competitive edge and you are firm about your pricing.

If you only have 3 or 4 closes to use on the resistant buyer, you cannot stay in the transaction long enough to close.

Closing the customer is like taking a trip: you are limited by the amount of gas you have in the tank. The close is where the salesperson gets paid. You don’t get paid to call people and sell; you get paid to close.

Remember, a good sales process will help you become a multi-millionaire.

A bad sales process will put you out of business.

Now let us go to 5th tip,

5. Study Your Competitors

Study your competitor

Most of the times when companies are proposing their prospect, they are not clear what their competitors are doing and they are not properly prepared when the prospect about the competitors related question.

Studying the competitors edge and understanding their role in the market will help you analyse how to talk with your prospect.

When I used to meet any of my prospects I used to study the competitors product completely and then I would make sure that I am ready for any question asked related to the competitors product.

I used to meet civil engineers and they used to ask the technical questions most of the times and I used to answer them in the confidence of differentiating on how we are different.

We frequently get asked about how our products compare. The reason we know our competitor’s products just as well as ours is because I want to be able to show how I am better by using direct comparisons.

That’s exactly what you need to do for a customer. You need to show them that you know every aspect of your product as well as all your competitors.

Then you can sell them on how yours is the best.

With the internet at our fingertips, customers have gotten spoiled into thinking that they can always get a better deal somewhere else. You need to be able to not only help them feel as if they’ve already shopped around, but that you are indeed the best deal!

If the person I’m working with can afford the product, but isn’t buying and continues to focus on the money, I realize this buyer has other concerns.

If price is the issue!

While your customer may be objecting to price, know there is something else you might not know. He or she is thinking…

  • Is this the right product?
  • Is there a better product?
  • Is this the right proposal?
  • Will this solve our problem?
  • Will I use it?
  • What will other people think about my decision?
  • Am I going to really use and enjoy this?

When these other questions are handled, the price will no longer be the issue.


These sales tips or selling tips for that concern are the dose of helping you when you need to come out of your comfort zone and work on your skills.

People will only accept you when you come out of the comfort zone.

When you are implementing the above mentioned selling tips, they work only when you really want to put the work onto it.

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Good luck!

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