5 Quick Wins With SEO

5 Quick SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimisation has some connotations of complexity to ensure which should help search engines to recognize your website.

When people are searching on Google they are searching with the related keywords which they want to see as results.

Now when they are using certain keywords, in the same way, you need to optimize your site with those particular keywords.

To understand how to do those here is the article of 5 Quick Tips Of SEO.

Here are they,

1. Original Content

2. Meta Information

3. Internal Linking

4. Tech Optimisation

5. User Interface & Experience Of Your Site

Let us begin with the steps one by one,

1. Original Content

Original content

People love original content, when it is original it has its purity and that is what people expect for.

When people like to read it and want to search for such content, then even search engines want to show only such content.

So when you are writing any content on the internet you see that you write it on your own. When you copy search engines can make out very easily and they will not show your results in SERP.

So try to make your content as much as original as possible.

If content, and especially text, but also photos, videos, etc. is as unique as possible, then the likes of Google will recognize it as such.

But if you foreground content which is also available on many other sites, Google sees no reason to show this highly in its search results.

Also, pay attention to the formatting and spelling of the text for readability and an improved user experience.

Ensure pictures, headlines, etc. are optimized for search engines.

Now let us go to 2nd step,

2. Meta Information

When people want to purchase any of the books they see the heading or title of the book and read the overview.

When people search on Google they are searching either for some information or for something to watch or something to shop.

Now when they search for either of these things, they will see some results on SERP and the details they see are the titles of the sites and the description below it.

Now search engines show it as per the keywords searched and the keywords optimized by your site.

So when you are writing the meta information see that you write it as per the people search queries.

Understand how people might search your content and optimize it in that way.

The Meta tags of a page are visible only to search-engine robots, but are very important, as the information is used to improve relevance and also display information elsewhere online.

This is especially true for the ‘Title’ tag, which is often displayed as a headline in the search results.

There is also the Meta description, which appears as a descriptive text in search-engine listings.

Both should be written to arouse interest and curiosity among searchers.

3. Internal Linking

There was a recent study conducted by us where we tested 100,000 web pages on certain factors of SEO.

We saw that blogs which have internal linking have more visibility of SERP and those which do not are having less percentage of SERP.

All though it does not affect much of the search ranking but even considering the small things it affects your organic search result.

So whenever you have the related content in your blog see that you link to those pages internally.

It shows the depth of information to the readers and it also helps you retain your readers for the longer period of time on your site.

When it comes to link juicing and technical SEO it curates the content in one field of the directory and it creates the links of your site for people whenever they search.

Most of the times people would like to read the related content as soon as they see it, but when they see that they do not find the link, then they will leave your site.

Now let us see the 4th step,

4. Tech Optimisation

When it comes to technical aspects of the websites, people expect some high user experience and accelerated load times on their mobiles.

Most of the times people visit the sites on the mobile phones and when they are viewing your site on mobile it should be mobile optimized as well.

Include the cache plugins in your site so that when people revisit your site it can load at faster rates.

Engines place great emphasis on an error-free site and short loading times. This contributes to a positive user experience for visitors, too. Optimize your own website performance for speed. Caching

Now let us go to 5th step,

5. User Interface & Experience Of Your Site

Website design and experience

Today website is like the virtual asset of the company or any personal brand.

When people visit your site they look at how the website is designed and check how interactive it is to use.

We call this user experience.

When people are using your website it should be so user-friendly that people should feel like to stay on the website and explore more on your site.

Most of the times I have experienced that websites are not user-friendly and they do not give the proper navigation for the people to find the next things to explore.

Like when I am on About Us page I will need to easily find the other pages of the website and that is only possible when we properly design the website and maintain its navigation.

Designing website is not just about placing a few images and infographics it's about understanding even which is the page that user is spending more time and should include the email subscription form.

From selecting color combination to the size of the images as well as the types of images will lead to website designing.


All the above 5 Steps are not the tricks or easy tips to just finish off the SEO but they act as the beginning architecture for your new website.

When people are making searches on Google it will help them to drive your website as soon as possible.

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