Using A/B Testing To Convert Mobile Users

How to do AB testing to convert mobile users

Today when it comes to use the mobile devices, people prefer to use the applications rather than browsing.

When they are using daily services for their daily needs like Facebook, Twitter, youTube or even Google for that matter, they prefer to use Application not the websites.

Now when people are using you products as well you need to keep them updated and provide them the regular services on your applications.

Now this is not so easy to do.

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To convert your mobile users and reach a good number of app downloads or mobile page visits, you have to learn how to engage new prospects, keep your regular customers satisfied, and make them return to the downloaded app for some advanced services.

There were 2.6 million apps in the Google Play Store as of December 2016 compared to 1.8 million in 2015.

Such an increase signifies Google’s awareness to become more mobile-friendly. This is why the competition is so stiff, and it’s not just enough to be mobile-present.

When we want to increase the conversions from our mobile users to our apps there are some slight changes we need to do.

So here we recommend you to go with A/B Testing for you to understand what are the cases to shuffle upon.

Now let us see, how to do A/B Testing?

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Process Of A/B Testing

It can take you 8 tests before you get statistically significant results, according to AppSumo. But the absence of changes shouldn’t stop you from accepting a succession of failures and coming up with another hypothesis.

Because the value of A/B testing lies in its main advantage – generating actual data and particular metrics to improve your conversion rates.

1. Define Your Goals Prior Enough

When you want to conduct the A/B testing for your website or mobile app, make sure that you know what you want to learn after the test.

The best way to start is with analyse the dat with google Analytics with metrics like, Audience behaviour, bounce rate of the sessions oof particular time period.

Get to know the details of the people with particular dates and see the session duration spent by the people.

Analyse the metrics and check which are the places you need to work on once data collected.

For your mobile app, you can use such tools as SplitMetrics, Google Analytics, or App Store Analytics. This behavior analysis will allow you to define areas that should be enhanced to convert a visitor.

After gathering all the data, you should identify the goals of your experiment and what roadblocks need improvement.

2. Write Down The Hypothesis

Conducting the A/B testing of your website or mobile app is not less than conducting the lab experiment.

So when you are conducting it, make sure that you jot down prior enough what are the outcomes you are expecting to see and what is that you want to learn.

After that, you can work according to an algorithm suggested by Optimizely. Focus on three essential components of a strong hypothesis. In the image below, you can see them presented like this:

  • “If____, then____ due to____.”

AB Testing algorithm

3. What Results Are You Expecting For?

When you want to conduct an A/B test for your website or an app, make sure that you jot down what are the results are you expecting from it?

Here are some examples to tell you:

  • Increase the downloads of our app
  • Increase the visitors to our website
  • Convert the visitors to buyers
  • Increase the email subscriptions

So, when you are clear with the results you are determining for, then it will be easy for you to work and change your website or app accordingly.

If you are nube and you do not know how to conduct the A/B test, then here are the tools we would like to reccommend you to use to do it:

VWO A/b Testing Tool

VWO AB testing tool

Zoho Pagesense A/B Testing Tool

Zoho pagesense AB testing tool

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4. Pay Special Attention Towards App

When you are conducting the test to your app, make sure that you are giving special attention towards the elements like UI, UX and responsive speed for all types of phone sizes.

When developing the apps for android you have multiple devices with different mobile sizes and with different OS updates and you are prone to get lot of problems.

When you are conducting the test see that you already have jot down the incurrent problems and work accordingly.

Second, you may also test your app store pages, landing pages, and ads to improve your acquisition rates.

So, what are the important variables you could test?

Here are four crucial elements for mobile app A/B testing:

  • Headlines
  • Price points
  • App store description
  • Payment gateways

After you create a variation, calculate the duration of a test in relation to the number of monthly visitors, the current conversion rate, and the predicted change in results.

5. Record The Results & Reiterate To Change

Now it's time for you to analyze the results and work accordingly with the given metrics to convert more users to your site or app.

Sometimes it happens that you will see lot of variations that had to happen and sometimes you moght even see the reduction in traffic due to new sudden updates, but not to worry.

When people get to used to it they will revert back.

Though you can actually create more than one variation and take your mobile users through several tests, the results you record can differ in all variations.

It may even appear that the original version gives higher conversion rates than others.

However, A/B testing can substantially improve your users’ engagement and bring really valuable results if you suggest better changes and improvements.


Always remeber why you are conducting the A/B test and go accodingly.

A/B testing can bring powerful results if done right.

With proper testing, you can optimize your sales funnel and convert the most amount of mobile users possible.

Please share this guide with those who are in need and help them achieve their goals.

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