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Get ready to double your traffic!

Before I begin I would like to disclaim you that this post is easy to understand for those who are now ready to understand Advanced SEO where you are friendly with beginners SEO.

Before you continue reading I would like to navigate you for Beginners SEO Guide.

So, now let us begin with increasing your website traffic.

First things first, Why did you clicked my link on SERP?

It is because I have made possible that my content should be in 1st page of SERP by making Human & SEO friendly content.

Now this is only possible where you understand the SEO thoroughly.

Making it possible for adjusting your content for all the factors of SEO is not easy task, but there are even some factors which are the significant ones you can focus on.

Understanding the SEO is the crucial thing in todays digital marketing world.

Back in 2007 SEO was unheard and it was far easier to rank and index your pages in Google or any other search engines.

But today due to lot of competition there are numerous Algorithm updates what Google has bought to give the best results for their searchers.

But don't worry I will be guiding you with the

Step By Step Guide On 21 Advanced SEO Techniques to boost your search traffic.

According to HubSpot, 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a search query. That’s why search engine optimization (SEO) is so important.

The best part?

All of these proven strategies are working GREAT in 2018.

So let's get started!

And here are the 21 techniques you’ll learn about in this post.

1. Audit Your Website For An SEO

2. Search For Untapped Keywords On Reddit

3. Learn About Users Wants

4. Always Update Your Old Blog Posts

5. SEO Friendly Landing Pages

6. Copy Adwords Ads Titles For Your SEO

7. Don't Forget To Have Mobile Friendly Website

8. Boost Your Traffic With Infographics

9. Search For Broken Links 

10. Optimize Your Content For Rankbrain

11. Copy Your Competitors Keywords

12. Blog Posts Should Be Minimum Of 1890 Words

13. Write Content Which People Want To Share

14. Link Back To Authority Sites

15. Write A Roundup Post

16. Outreach Email Programs

17. Share Valuable Content On Social Media

18. Write Summary Blog Post On Youtube Descriptions

19. Prefer Long Tail Keywords In Titles

20. Link Back To High Value Domain Authority

21. Regularly Monitor Your Search Console Stats

So, get ready!

1. Audit Your Website For An SEO

When you audit your financial statements at the year end to get to know what is your input and out put of your business in the same way you need to do the auditing of your website to come to know why your traffic has reduced and you will come to know what you can do for it.

Seo Audit is to check the overall performance of your website with keen detailing and setting new goals and to implement the new tactics for improve your search traffic.

Here are some things you need to do while SEO Audit:

Step 1 : Check for Meta Titles and Meta Description for all your website pages

Step 2 : Check whether all your pages are optimised for Keywords.

Step 3 : Optimisation of your URL structure.

Your URL should be as easy as to read the normal sentences.

Here is an example :

When it comes to URL keep it simple and easy to read for search engines.

Step 4 : Check whether all the pages and the blog posts are formatted properly.

That is by proper headings and sub headings.

Most of the times people just skim the pages and they don't just sit and read the whole blog posts.

Step 5 : See whether all your images have Alt Tags

Step 6 : See whether you have the links in your website.

That is inbound links as well as outbound links.

Here is the tool by SEM Rush

Advanced SEO Site Audit-min


The best heading tags contain 15 to 65 characters. We can easily edit the ones above to be under 65 characters.

A heading tag is an <h1> or <h2> tag, typically the title of your page or blog post or an important heading within it. They’re basic, standards-compliant HTML, which is why Google expects to see them on your site.

2. Search For Untapped Keywords On Reddit

So I think you probably know Reddit.

It is one of the best tool where I use for my keyword research.

I think you are something like bit confused, how can I use Reddit for keyword research?

I use it especially for Long Tail Keywords.

So here it is how I use.

Head to Reddit.

Search for your topic

Advanced SEO - Reddit research-min


And now you see what people are talking about your content

Advanced SEO Reddit Topics-min


Then you can checkout the terms related to your content and in what way the people are searching for your topic.

Head over to open up one topic and see how people are actually using the topic.

Advanced SEO Reddit Search-min


You can get lot of ideas on long tail keywords.

It is obvious that if they are searching for reddits on that topic where I have searched for content marketing.

You can see lot of long tail keywords and it is possible that they will also be searching for them on Google.

And with that, let’s move onto one of my all-time favorite advanced SEO techniques.

3. Learn About Users Wants

Advanced SEO

When it comes to Google, have you observed how do they develop the products.

They always want to see that they are giving you the best search results.

Whenever they collect the data they use it for giving you the best user experience out of it.

Now coming to the same thing even you need to act like that, ask for people what are they more interested top learn from you.

Go on sites like Quora and search for your niche and see what are the problems faced by people in your niche and then help them solve those.

Act like the big data company.

Always have a look on the comments.

See what people are discussing about and try to fill out the gaps with those comments.

Start asking the feedback from your users and give them back the results and they will become loyal to you.

I know it is hard and it is time consuming but will surely help you out to get loyal followers for your content.

And how do you get feedback from your ideal customer if you’re just starting out and don’t have any real customers to ask?

There are several ways to find out:

  • Use social media platforms like Quora
  • See your most popular pages in Google Analytics
  • See what posts get the most shares
  • Listen to visitor comments on your blog posts

Let’s cover the first one: social media platforms.

Ask yourself, “Where do the people I want to attract hang out online, and what topics do they talk about?”

I personally like to use Quora.

It gives me an idea of what my target audience is talking about and I can learn from experts in the process. If I wanted to write a book or course, the things people ask on Quora would be useful sources for content ideas.

Great way to find out what people want is to see how many times your content gets shared on social media.

Buzzsumo is the best solution for you.

Advanced SEO Buzzsumo-min


Buzzsumo is the great place to know the complete details on the user engagement with your posts, like comments on your posts as well as total shares of your posts.

You want to know the easiest way to find out what your users think? Just read their comments on your posts.

When you answer real user questions with your content, your search traffic will improve dramatically.

Now let us move on to next favorite of mine.

4. Always Update Your Old Blog Posts

Do you like to be updated?

Yes I like to be updated.

Even people want the updated content.

So when people like the updated content then it is obvious that even Google wants the updated content to show its searchers.

If you have started writing 3 months from now or more than that then it is time for you to go back and update them.

What happens is when you update the new content you already have ranked your pages in google and it increases the significance for google to show your updated results to searchers.

Go to your analytics, and check which are the most engaged ones and start updating them first.

So here are some steps to update them:

Step 1 : Write headlines which are intriguing to share

Step 2 : Update the images of the content

Step 3 : Add the testimonials

5. SEO Friendly Landing Pages

Landing pages are those when you send your traffic to the specific pages with Pay Per Click Ads from Facebook or Google Adwords.

Landing pages do not have any navigation so that people should not leave that page and should engage more on it.

These are specifically used to convert the sales.

According to the SEO research firm, MarketingSherpa, 44% of clicks for B2B companies go to a homepage, not a landing page.

Sure, the homepage is important, but a landing page is where you can initiate a strong relationship.

Here are some tips to create the landing pages:

No navigation

Highly informative content

Call to action button like, SignUp or Checkout if sales landing page.

Here’s how to make sure your landing page is SEO optimised:

Step 1 : Use long tail keywords on entire landing page.

Step 2 : Write the compelling content with anatomy of people continue to read and go forward rather bouncing.

Step 3 : Have compelling design. If everything is excellent and the design sucks then people are going to bounce from your landing page.

6. Copy Adwords Ads Titles For your SEO

I just click on the interesting titles on SERPs.

Do you?

When I am searching for "Best Camera For Professional Photography"

Advanced SEO Titles


So here I go and click on the first result and you see at the right upwards corner it is the Ad.

So what we understand here is that the long tail keyword I asked is bid and optimised by Flipkart.

So in the same way let us consider you are writing the content on the cameras, then for sure you can use the above long tail keyword to optimise your content for better SEO results.

When we see to the adwords ads they are best way to understand which long tail keywords should you use for your content.

But make sure that you alter it to long tail if it is short keyword, which is less than 3 words.

7. Don't Forget To Have Mobile Friendly Website

Advanced SEO Mobile Friendly

Today more than 60% of searches happen on mobile.

Mobile search has changed the entire system of knowing the information on internet.

In some countries total number of mobiles used has surpassed the number of PCs.

So having mobile friendly website has become the critical aspect for higher google rankings.

The latest update by Google on Mobile First Index, algorithms are intent to search for the data on those websites which have mobile friendly or responsive website.

Here is what they say about their update.

Advanced SEO Mobile Friendly Blog By Google-min


If you want to know more about the reasons why you should create a mobile-friendly website, read on!

Why make a website mobile-friendly?

Advanced SEO On Mobile Friendly

The version of your website might be difficult to view it on mobile devices.

So when they view such websites on mobile, it is very tough for the searchers to navigate in the websites to search for other content, so Google started experimenting and resulted in showing the content of those websites which are responsive and mobile friendly.

Mobile is critical to your business and will continue to be so – whether you’re blogging about your favorite sports team, working on the website for your community theater, or selling products to potential clients.

Make sure visitors can have a good experience on your site when they’re visiting from their mobile devices!

Start using the free tool by Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool

It costs you $0.


Advanced SEO Mobile Friendly Test-min

Advanced SEO Mobile Friendly Test By Google-min


How much does it cost to build a site for mobile devices?

The answer is... it varies! For example, here are some of the possibilities:

  • Going mobile can be free if you can select a responsive template or theme for your website. A responsive template/theme adapts the display to the visitor no matter if they are using a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Going mobile can be free if you have the technical skills to build your mobile site. Check out Web Fundamentals!

8. Boost Your Traffic With Infographics

Most of the times people would like to see infographics and would want to learn with visual info rather than just articles.

Infographics help you to get more social shares and increases your website traffic.

Here is the infographic from Backlinko.

Advanced SEO Infographic

Here is the another infographic from NeoMam Studios

Advanced SEO Infographic

Studies show an infographic is 30x more likely to be read than a regular text article. On average, websites who publish infographics grow traffic 12% faster than those who don’t.

If you do want to create it yourself, here’s how to do that with Canva.

Login to Canva and click Create a Design. Choose Infographic under the Blogging & eBooks section.

Here is how I have done it for Social Media Timings To Share

Advanced SEO


9. Search For Broken Links

This is one of the thing which most of the marketers overlook at.

Do you know that you can link back to your site from wikipedia?

Who doesn't want the backlink from most trusted site of Wikipedia.

What you need to do is search for Google as shown in the image,

Advanced SEO

As you find the dead links in the Wikipedia for your niche, then you can go and write the content for them in those deadlinks and then fill it with your complete blog to your website.

Scroll through the article until you see the text [citation needed].

Wikipedia actually has a list of articles with dead links. This makes finding dead links in Wikipedia even easier.

10. Optimize Your Content For Rankbrain

Algorithms update every now and then, but is it an advantage or disadvantage for us is the question to ask?

If you ask me , it is both.

You have done your work, and one update you need to start again optimising for the content.

In the same way to help its searchers for better experience Google has bought its first of kind update Google Rank-brain which understands the intent of the searcher and studies the UX of the searcher.

Google’s third most important ranking factor is an algorithm called RankBrain.

Now the point is you will have to make the searchers happy with your content, then you are ranked high on Google.

RankBrain tells Google’s spiders how to index your content based on your intent.

Since Google is a lot more sophisticated these days, we no longer need to stuff our content full of keywords to make it understand our intent.

So how do you do it?

Step 1 : Increases your CTR by giving the best content and title tags.

Step 2 : Update your content frequently.

Step 3 : Use long tail keywords, but do not do the stuffing.

11. Copy Your Competitors Keywords


I do it.

When it comes to targeting the keywords for the content, it becomes more important to study your competitors keywords.

Here is how you do it,

For my case I will take Quicksprout and see how they rank their keywords.

Advanced SEO

Next Go To -> SEMRush

Advanced SEO

Then you'll find out the keywords they rank for

Advanced SEO

Yes, I agree that they might be targeting for the keywords which doesn't relate to your business, but you will come to know which are the keywords you should also be getting ranked.

12. Blog Posts Should Be Minimum Of 1890 Words

A study conducted by Backlinko of 1 million searches has shown that the first organic results were always having the content of minimum 1890 words.

Advanced SEO


So what does this show us?

Seeing at the SEO side when we write long posts it is obvious to have more keywords, so when we have more keywords then it is huge benefit for page ranking.

It is not always about the long posts, sometimes even the short blogs get the higher rankings when they are competing with the quality. To be sure of 1000 words.

Now it is obvious that writing the post which has more than 1890 words then it turns out to be strong competition with the keywords ranking to other sites.

13. Write Content Which People Want To Share

Most of the times when I see the content it is not worth sharing.

What happens is the quality of the content is poor.

People just ignore your sites and do not feel to share to their friends or other community.

This has happened even to me, & I accept it so I started improving the quality of my blog.

Here are the steps to improve my quality:

Easy URLs which are friendly and natural language

Posts are divided into Heading & Sub Headings

Posts I write will never exceed the 2 lines paragraph

I use intriguing images

Don't worry Google never uses social sharing as the factor to rank your pages, but will surely helps you out to brand building when people share your posts.

14. Link Back To Authority Sites

Google has algorithm called as Hilltop, which searches the information hub for people to give better results.

Now how does hilltop understands that your website has Information Hub, it is by having the verified pages outbound links.

Having the outbound links is the part of On Page SEO and having minimum 2 to 3 outbound links will tell Hilltop that it contains the required amount of content to show it on the search results page.

Despite being over ten years old, Hilltop still plays a role in today’s search engine landscape.

Hilltop is essentially an on-page SEO signal way that tells Google whether or not a page is a “hub” of information.

In fact, a recent industry study found a correlation between outbound links and Google rankings.

15. Write A Roundup Post

Here is the plan on taking interview of around 30 people and asking and talking with them on the same topic, so you asking the same question to all your 30 people.

You just dont get new ideas, but you also get to know the new topics and answers which is completely unique to write as your blog post.

Here is an example for it

Advanced SEO

This post is written by interviewing 27 people on asking how do they handle media crisis.

Now let us say you have better followers on your social media profiles and you write the post by interviewing the people and then you get it on social media.

What is the result?

All the people who follow you will start clicking to your new post which says by validation itself that it is written by interviewing the right people.

So you boost your traffic to your site, and then increase your page ranking when you increase your visitors as well as new visitors even whom you were not knowing.

Creating a roundup post that grows your traffic is easy:

Step #1: Find your topic and a good question to ask your experts.

Step #2: Make a list of your experts and contact them.

Step #3: Collect their responses, write and publish the post.

Make sure you link back to everyone featured.

After you’ve published it, be sure to send a follow up email, or social media message, to let them know the post went live.

Ask them to share it with their audience.

16. Outreach Email Programs

Advanced SEO

If you are not collecting emails from your website visitors then you are not doing any sales with your website.

You need to start building email subscribers from your website.

Once you start building your email subscribers then you can start notifying your subscribers with the email.

When you send email you will make your visitors feel that you are updating your website with new content consistently.

You know Email is the 360% conversion digital marketing tool.

So start building it today.

Here are the posts which help you for Email Marketing.

6 Steps To Write Highly Converting Marketing Emails

How To Write Compelling Emails That Convert

How to write perfect Email Newsletter that converts?

17. Share Valuable Content On Social Media

Advanced SEO

When you start writing new blog posts you dont get rankings that easy as your domain authority score is ver low and your page score is very low.

So what can you do?

Start sharing it on social media.

Now I am not talking about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter;

I am talking about those websites which help you rank high when you get backlinks from them.

A few examples are DocstocSlideshareBloggerQuora and so on. These sites give you the opportunity to improve your search rankings, as well as build a following, within a short period of time.

Does leveraging authority social platforms increase your search traffic and rankings?


If you’d like to leverage Slideshare as a search traffic booster, here are the basic steps that you should take:

Step 1 : Search For Trending Topic

Instead of just selecting the topic and notching up with the presentation will not help you out, rather you need to find out what is the trending topic in your niche from Quora or GrowthHackers.

Step 2 : Create An Outline

Once you select the topic from Step 1, then create the outline which makes it easy to create the presentation on slideshare.

Step 3 : Search For Intriguing Images

Once you are ready with your outline, then search for pictures which tell your 1000 words with a picture from which are free stock photos to captivate the users attention.

Gratisography is one place where you can download free stock photos without copyright restrictions.

A few tips:

  • Pick photos that are relevant to your topic or point
  • Use high-resolution images/photos
  • Use free stock photos, with no copyright restrictions
  • Use images as accents — don’t let them overpower your text

Step 4 : Study the successful Slideshare Presentations

To get the idea how the successful presentations are prepared you need to study those and implement the same in yours as well.

Step 5 : Start Creating Your Presentation

With all of the information you’ve gathered, create your presentation! Try to make it really stand out from the other ones you studied.

Don’t forget to include a link to your chosen landing page for the topic. The link that comes from SlideShare is dofollow, so you’ll get link juice to boost your search rankings.

18. Write Summary Blog Post On Youtube Descriptions

Advanced SEO With Youtube

You will be knowing that Youtube has the first place when it comes to results on 1st Page of Google SERP.

So, it is obvious that it has got something to do with SEO.

Yes, you read it right.

When you do the videos on your website content and upload the same on Youtube, you get the nofollow backlink from Youtube, so you need to create content for Youtube and write the summary blog posts in your Youtube description.

If you are new to start your Youtube channel here are the posts which helps you to start new youtube channel.

Start New Youtube Channel

Business With Youtube Channel

When most people upload a video to YouTube, they mindlessly toss a few words into the description box:

That’s a HUGE mistake.

You need to know that Google cannot sit and watch your videos, rather it finds what have you written with the text in Titles and Description of the videos.

And this extra text content can help you rank for your target keywords.

19. Prefer Long Tail Keywords In Titles

Advanced SEO With Long Tail Keyword Titles

When it comes to White Hat SEO, first rule is to have keywords in your titles.

If you are just including one keyword in your titles then you are loosing lot of SEO potential for your content.

Title Tags Provide Benefits

Above image shows you how I use the keywords in my title tags, so it contains 2 keywords;

Build Hype

New Product Launch

You want to ensure that each page title for each page and post on your website contains a keyword.

A strategy I have found particularly effective is to include multiple keywords within each page title.

Here is the guide for Title Tags

20. Link Back To High Value Domain Authority

This is one of my favorite SEO step, but it is too hard to convince people.

Getting backlinks from high value domain authority is not that easy.

But it takes just 2 minutes of time to send an email to those websites and might result in getting huge traffic from those websites, in near future.

What you need to do is you need to find some high value domain authority sites for your niche.

How do you do it?

A good place to look for sites to link to is Alltop.

Advanced SEO With Backlinks

You’ll see some featured sites on the homepage and recent content published by them.

To find some hot topics in your niche, go and search with your keywords.

You will find some high value domain authority sites and then push the email for them.

Request them to see your content which is related to their niche and ask them to link back if they find it useful.

I feel trying is not bad.

21. Regularly Monitor Your Search Console Stats

Search Console For SEO

The Google Search Console is one of the best SEO tools on the market.

If you are not using it, I would recommend you to SignUp for it today.

Google Search Console helps you track all the potential issues of your website, which affects your rankings.

There are three main things you want to check regularly in Search Console:

  • Watching for crawl errors, like 404 pages
  • Submitting new sitemaps
  • See which keywords people are using to find you

Google Sitemaps

Search console gives you the complete idea on what Google Spider is doing with your website.

It even helps you get the ideas on which keywords are working great for your content.

Getting Google to re-index your site will ensure any 404 errors that you know don’t exist anymore are marked as fixed.


SEO for today remains the same, but it changes for tomorrow.

There is only one way, how you improve your rankings to your website, update yourself with new updates on SEO and have patience.

There is no website which has become overnight famous, it takes time to reach every person.

Never get disappointed that even after implementing all the steps I am not getting the results and traffic.

Rather sit and again study new ways and opportunities to improve your site, because all it takes is time.

What I want to ask is?

Which step you want to implement 1st from these 21 Steps Of Advanced SEO Guide?

Tell me in the comments below.

Good luck!

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