Augmented Reality For Your Shopify Store

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Today technology is moving at faster pace, with new innovations every day. People habit of adapting to new technologies is increasing day by day.

When it comes to businesses, there are lot many ways on how they can implement these new strategies for reaching their new customers.

In the same way, AR & VR is also the new way of reaching the new way to customers and helping them give the new experience of understanding of your products.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are out bounding in the new pace for the consumer experience.

Augmented Reality Brings a New Dimension of Engagement to the Customer Experience

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It has transformed on how people can use their smartphone and have the interaction with new digital media every day.

Augmented reality (AR) has transformed the smartphone camera into a window through which consumers can engage with interactive digital scenes in the physical world.

On the other side of this window, brands are also harnessing AR to serve up creative experiences to delight their customers.

Shopify has launched an AR Tool for the sellers to give the immersive experience of their products to their customers.

You can create personal and interactive AR experiences for your customers on iOS devices—with 3D models of your products that can be viewed at scale and from all angles via Safari.

Applications for AR will not only just show the sizes of the products they give the 3D model of the whole product so that customers can see how they can know about the product completely.

With use cases at every stage of the customer journey, AR can fundamentally change the way people discover your products and how you engage with customers after they make a purchase.

Today most of the brands are investing their time and money into AR so, that they can set apart from their competitors and showcase their products in entirely new ways.

Through mobile AR, you can create interactive 3D scenes that can be brought to your customers or even be used to bring your customers to you.

Engaging AR displays help enhance your product experience and marketing campaigns with new layers of excitement.

For example, you could send customers a push notification with a VIP alert on their phone to build buzz about an upcoming product launch.

After a countdown clock strikes zero, the customer could also use their AR-enabled mobile device to participate in the product reveal in the comfort of their own living room.

More Immersive Experiences

The most important and interesting thing for the marketers is you can decide how and where can you access it making them as convenient or as exclusive as you wish.

This unlocks the opportunity to use the new tools and showcase your products to the people.

Recommending Products With AR

Beyond product discovery, mobile AR can tailor the shopping experience to a customer’s tastes by using their environment to make personalized recommendations.

AR is becoming increasingly integrated with machine learning: the ability for computer systems to "learn" from and adapt based on a customer’s past behavior.

Working in tandem, these technologies can begin to respond to a customer’s physical environment and offer real-time product recommendations that customers can “see” in their space.

The advanced technology will  not onky help us to recommend products but also help personalize the products ranging from automotive, clothing, sporting goods,

and more based on the customer’s context.

The next big leap for AR and machine learning will likely involve reading your physical features or characteristics to recommend products that complement your outfit, your hair or eye color—while taking your recent purchase history into account as well.

Connecting With Your Customers

When you send such videos, which give the complete visual experience they are going to purchase, they will not just enjoy the demo, but also get influenced to purchase those products.

So getting people converetd is nevertheless easy than before and will increase the conversions.

People who are in bound with technology every day, they enjoy the new way of customer experience.

What’s more compelling is that the demonstration unfolds on the actual surface where the customer will put the product together.

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Within the next few years, you can expect to see more and more creative applications of mobile AR, with brands using the technology to engage consumers at every stage of the customer journey, from discovery to post-purchase.

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