Build Business With Your YouTube Channel

Today people come and watch your youtube videos, but do you know people are earning millions of dollars with their youtube channel.

They have made their youtube channel as the primary source of income and living their passion.

This is only because of their hardwork, consistency and persistence to do something in their life.

You need to love what you are doing.

Have you ever paid when you are watching youtube videos.

But how do the youtubers do the business with their channel. I will be guiding you on the same question,

How Even You Can Do The Business With Your Youtube Channel?

There are some significant steps which you need to follow to build the business with your youtube channel like from Starting with the mission till making the sources of income as well as converting it into the brand by providing value to the people.

Let us go through the step by step process to build the business with your youtube channel,

Step 1 : Start With Why

Step 2 : Define Your Vision

Step 3 : Prepare Your Business Plan

Step 4 : Prepare Your Revenue Model

Step 5 : Be Consistent & Have Patience

Step 6 : Promote Your Brand

Step 7 : Use The Youtube Analytics To Learn About Your Audience Behaviour

So these are the 7 steps you will need to follow to start business with your youtube channel.

Step 1 : Start With Why

Youtube Channel Business

I hope you know the person above in the image, if you don't know him, he is Simon Sinek who is New York Best Selling Author & Corporate Trainer whose book named Start With Why has profoundly helped many businesses achieve great success.

You need to ask yourself why do you want to do the business.

It seems crazy but that is the naked truth of the biological science on how much passionated you are towards your goal.

It is the key to understand how well are you prepared for doing the business.

Always remember people buy your products because they know Why you are doing it and not because of what you are doing.

The stronger Why you have, greater the success you achieve.

If you would ask me the same question of Why Am I doing This?

My answer will be :

I want to help people with my knowledge to improve their business, increase their sales and help build their brand which is faithful enough for the customers.

You can even have a look on my Home & About Page & of my website, I have clearly mentioned my Why,

Home Page

Youtube channel - business

About Page


Youtube channel business

Sometimes it is the natural occurring, but sometimes you need to find it which is really strong enough.

Step 2 : Define Your Vision

Youtube channel business

Once you are clear with your why be clear with your vision.

Identify what your brand stands for, and write down the vision and mission for your business, so that you can work towards them consistently.

You need to create the brand which is meaningful enough, which make you to stay around motivated and invest your time in it for long term.

Write down how do you see your channel down the line for next 6 months, 1 year, 3 years and 5 years.

Claim about your audience strategy, and what value are you going to provide to your audience.

If you already own your channel and want to build business with it then ask the same audience on what make them more interested in your videos.

Your community is the best one to help you out to draw the vision for your business.

Prepare Your Mission Statement

Now you are ready with your vision statement, then write your mission statement.

A mission statement is a message that communicates what you want to achieve and where you want to go with your brand.

  • Missions highlight the key things like,
  • The compelling picture of your future and give the sense of what's possible.
  • Inspire the people and the stakeholders of your business.
  • It should act like the pathway for success and should be flexible enough to alter as per foreseen possibilities in the future.
  • It should be easily explainable.

Step 3 : Prepare Your Business Plan

Youtube channel business

Every business has the business plan to follow the path way.

It helps you to be clear with your goals to be achieved step by step.

Your business plan will help you like the storyboard, where it communicates the strategy for the videos.

It helps you define your goals, and leads you to the constructive developments.

It gives you the idea on which key areas you need to focus on.

Growing your team, expanding your international audience or selling branded merchandise.

  • All it should include is,
  • An introduction to your brand.
  • Summary of your entire planning.
  • Most important thing is the value proposition and the resources you want to invest in.
  • What expectations are you looking for.

Think About Your Audience

The most crucial thing is to know your audience.

What are they expecting from you, what is that you are providing them, whether they will be satisfied or not? These are the questions need to be answered.

These questions will help you define your value proposition for your audience.

The best way is to do the research on your audience interests and understand them so that they can even understand you well when you start doing the business with your channel.

Prepare The Budget

Once you have the target audience with you, start estimating the budget for your business.

Estimate the investment you will want to do in starting your business to get the idea on how much money are you going to spend. You will also get to know whether I should invest that much amount of money.

Try to assess all the potential expenses and services that you are going to provide.

Remember that when you are starting it alone, you are only one who is editing, script writer, publisher and promoter so see what will be the expenses.

Even include some unforeseen expenses and future costs which may incur.

Structure Your Planning

There are many ways to structure your business plan, but here is what I recommend for your Youtube Business

Step 4 : Prepare Your Revenue Model

Youtube Channel Business

Every business has the revenue model.

Now even you have to plan the revenue model for your business with your youtube channel.

When you are planning for the revenue model, see that you plan for multiple sources of revenue models but execute one by one.

The key ingredients for a profitable YouTube channel are a loyal, engaged community and a steady stream of great videos.

Most creators find that before you can earn money with your channel, you first need to grow your audience and make consistent videos that you enjoy and your viewers love to watch.

There are some different ways to monetise the channel:


You can connect your channel with Adsense for partnership program.

YouTube connects your channel to paying advertisers so that you can focus on what you do best: creating. In most cases, you get paid when viewers watch ads.

Other ways of revenue are :

Paid Advertisements

Once you grow your audience, watch time and views of your channel you can go and contact some brands and ad agencies for paid advertisements.

Every ad agency and brands are eager to promote their brands so you can approach for them.

Be sure that you meet the ad agency which suits your subject and topic of the videos.

Your audience may not be interested in your ads which is not relevant to them.


Next one is about selling your own brand products.

Merchandise your own products like T-Shirts, Coffee Cups, Hoodies and other related products which suits your audience.

Merchandise only those products which are subject to sale for your audience.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the way to earn commissions on selling the products of other brands.

There are almost all companies out there who give you the affiliates for selling their products.

Find out the relevant companies which suits your audience and sell them with your videos.

Write down the affiliate links in the descriptions of the videos and promote them even in the videos to try them out for the audience.


Patreon is the platform for Youtubers to earn money for your creation of videos, which gives value to the people.

People come and pay the money for you to do the videos and help them out with their problems.

You can have your own charges for the content creation.

Step 5 : Be Consistent & Have Patience

Youtube Channel Business

Consistency is the key to get you the success in your business with youtube channel.

Never get disappointed that your views are not growing, your subscribers are not growing.

When you see those remember just one thing, that it takes time.

In whatever ways you are trying to increase your views, never stop doing it, because nobody knows which video will go viral.

Have patience and be consistent in creating the content.

Always be prepared with the extra content so that even if you fail to produce content as per the schedules, you can upload that content.

Prepare your schedules, see when is the engagement at its peak and upload the content at those timings for your audience.

When you are uploading the content, see that you are uploading the content where your audience is eagerly waiting for it.

Step 6 : Promote Your Brand

Youtube Channel Business

As you start building the brand, you also need to promote it.

Promotion is the part and parcel of every business.

You can start with organic ways of promoting or paid promotion.

But I recommend you to start with organic way of promotion.

Starting with the organic promotion includes all the tools:








You can also promote your videos within youtube itself by going and commenting in your related channels. But never spam them.

Be humble and ask them to check out your channel as well if they are interested.

Try to be prepared with a short summary of your brand and what value it brings when going to networking or casual events.

When it comes to paid promotion, use Youtube Ads and Facebook ads to promote your business.

Here is the guide to get the leads from facebook.

But see that you don't start spending too much of dollars, rather try to get the organic traffic to your channel.

Start uploading the content which is more appealing for your audience, which they would want to share it with their friends.

Call To Action

Never hesitate for self promotion, where you need to remember your viewers to subscribe to your channel at the beginning and at the end.

Call your viewers to Like, Share & Comment on your videos, so that it gets you more and more organic traffic to your channel.

Step 7 : Use The Youtube Analytics To Learn About Your Audience Behaviour

Youtube Channel Analytics

YouTube Analytics is your channel's pulse. Learn how to uncover trends to see what's working and what's not.

Find out who's watching, what they like to watch and which videos could make you the most money.

Here is the image, which shows you the 3 important things on youtube analytics:

Youtube analytics


Following the above steps will not only help you to build the business with your Youtube channel, but will also help you to build your own brand.

Always remember Start With Why, because people watch your videos not because of you are making them, but because they know Why you are making them.

Have patience and be consistent because it takes its own time to reach your success.

Please let me know in the comment below what other ways have you applied to start the business with your youtube channel.

Good luck!

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