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Hey you, I am just excited to tell you that I just love searching information with my voice rather type it.

What do you do?

But believe me I have typed this post and is very natural language for you to understand the future of Voice Search and how it is going to impact the human life as well as the Marketing Industry.

When I want to search something on the Google I just hit the mic button or I use my Personal Assistant to search, I do it because I feel it is more easy and handy to search for the information.

Of course I believe we need to type sometimes, but the growth of voice search is increasing at its peak.

There was a time when reading and consuming of data was through information, and then turned down to vide content and today it is the live video.

And one day Voice Search will make its place in the future.

Today is world experiencing the change in SEO of Voice Search and we need to also adapt the new change.

But how will you do it?

Don't worry that is why I have written this post for you to help grow your traffic on your content and improve your business.

I will be giving you the clear picture of Voice Search and the Step By Step Guide To Hack The Voice Search for your content marketing.

Why is voice search making noise in the market?

Even I couldn't believe that voice search is going to fast forward in the speed that today it has made its place in the people's bedroom, kitchen, living room and even in the mobile phones.

voice-assistance-living-room voice-assistance-kitchen voice-assistance-bedroom google-app-voice-search

Search is undergoing a quiet revolution and many marketers are unaware of how search is evolving and the new opportunities which will start to open up for brands to engage with consumers through Search.

The changes starting to emerge around voice as an interface, the growth of answers and predictive search will become a playground of opportunity for nimble brands.

So far what I have seen is it is not yet the substitute of typed search, but soon it can be.

People who are hands free and want to have the quick answers they will be finding for the voice search with their personal assistant and few other devices like Siri, Alexa or Google Home Assistant.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “Great. Those are the devices, but not many people are actually using voice search. At least, there isn’t enough use to worry about it as a marketer, right?”

And that’s where you’d be wrong.

When I saw the reality and even you will see it now where 20% of people are already using the voice search for all their basic searches as well as for quick answers.

Voice Search

And since 2013, voice search queries have continually been on the rise.

Voice Search

Now this is what the statistics say about the voice search.

People today are not interested to type and search on Google, they just want to hit on the mic and search with their voice.

People are just bored by wrong words with small buttons on their mobile phones.

Now the show of voice search has begun.

Then what do you think, how marketer and SEO expert should be ready for this?

So here the 8 things you need to be prepared with,

1. Focus On Micro Moments

First thing you need to focus is on Micro Moments of the people for voice search SEO.

What are micro moments?

Micro moments are those where searchers are intending to try, buy and connect with you through the search.

They aren’t searching because they’re curious or interested. They’re searching because they need your product and they are prepared to spend money to get it.

Check out the below image for complete understanding on Micro Moments

Voice search Voice - search

So it is cleared that Micro Moments are packed with lead generation for your business.

If you focus on Micro Moments of the people then you will skyrocket your sales in the business.

Voice Search

Have you ever done voice search when you are free or you have leisure time?

Just go back for some days and remember how many times have searched for funny videos or you want to buy something and you used voice search?

Even if you have used it, the percentage of people using voice search is less when they are free or having leisure time, rather they use it when they are in the hurry and want to get the quick results.

Then people are actually using voice search with text when they are free, but the voice search when they are in urgency.

Now comes the question of how will you target these micro moments and decisions of the people?

My simple answer for you is through Keyword Planning with Google Keyword Planner

Go to Google Adwords and at the right side corner click on the settings icon, the you see this image,

Settings for Keywords

Select the Keyword Planner option, and search for the related Keywords to do the research,

Keywords Research

I have written content marketing and searched for the competition.

It helps you in understanding of what people are searching in the voice search and you will get the idea of what keywords they are using to search for your niche.

Once you know that then you can select those keywords and use the same in your content and website for better seo results.

2. Always Prefer For Long Tail Keywords

When people are searching for information on Google they type short tail keywords, like content marketing is the short tail keyword.

But when you search for "strategies for content marketing" then it is the long tail keyword.

When they use voice search they normally use long tail keywords, which is more direct and more specific enough than the generic ones.

When it is more specific it has less competition, do you know why?

Because people searching with long tail keywords are seriously searching for something and they want to get the specific results.

This happens when they are using the voice search.

Voice Search

So this shows that you should pay specific attention towards long tail keywords strategy in your SEO.

Here is the Step By Step Guide On SEO

When I am searching for "content marketing", I just don't say "content marketing",

I would say "What are the strategies of content marketing?"

You can do the same thing with your website content. Think about the topic you’re going to try to rank for, then ask yourself these two questions.

  1. How would someone ask this question if they were speaking instead of typing?
  2. How can I target a keyword that is similar?

3. Your Website Should Load Faster

When you are thinking about the voice search, you might ignore the load speed of your website.

If so then don't do it!

Even the load speed of your website is the factor for showing your results on SERP.

Just think about when people are in hurry and they typed and searched for the content in the past and they used to go to the website which loads faster,

the same happens when they search with the voice, as they are already in the hurry and want to get the results.

So AI is going to see the page speed and then show your result.

Well, it’s no secret that your website’s load time directly impacts your bounce rate. The longer your website takes to load, the more people will leave before viewing anything.

Voice Search

This means that if your website is slow, that load time will be even more detrimental.

But how can you test your website to see if it’s fast enough?

Don't worry again Google is going to help you out with it.

Google provides the tool called Google Page Speed Tools.

Voice --search

Other option by Google is Test My Site By Google

Voice ---search

Never before has mobile speed been more important.

3...2...1… gone

Slow page load times are a big blocker:

  • 53% of visits are likely to be abandoned if pages take longer than 3 seconds to load6
  • One out of two people expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds7
  • 46% of people say that waiting for pages to load is what they dislike the most when browsing the web on mobile devices8

One thing is super clear, that if your page speed is suffering, then your SEO is.

So be sure that people are in hurry with voice search so your website should be super fast to load the results for them.

4. Research, On How People Are Searching

When you are searching for something, do you expect the correct results or wrong ones?

You might be feeling that, what foolish question is this?

But I am serious about you need to study how people are searching for the information and want to consume the information.

They want to go those website which gives them the answer for their query.

So it is super simple that you need to focus on Searchers intent.

People today are in super hurry and that is why the voice search is increasing at its rocket speed.

So you need to focus on those keywords and relate your content to the queries of the searchers.

Get ready for voice search

When someone searches for the "cheese burger recipe",

and someone searches for "restaurants near me which serve cheese burgers"

there is great difference between both of them I guess!

Do you agree?

I agree because both have the same keyword, "Cheese Burger"

but the intent of searching cheese burger is different.

So you need to be prepared with both of them if you are the restaurant, with recipe as well as the local business seo, showing that you are selling the cheese burgers.

And, when optimising your website’s content for voice SEO, what you’re serving up needs to match the intent behind the keywords because it’s usually the highest commitment.

5. Know Your Customer Thoroughly

Voice Search

Knowing just the searchers intent for the customer satisfaction is not going to work, you need to study your customer thoroughly.

Understand what is he searching for, what are his interests?

When it comes to voice search, he is already in the hurry and he gets annoyed if he didn't get what he is searching for.

This is the step which is the critical ones where you need the real efforts to know your customer on his behaviour and focus groups.

You can prepare your plan, your SEO and marketing strategies only when you know your customer.

Be specific when you are knowing your customer.

The more specific and thorough you are you will be able to target your customer through voice search and increase your traffic and sales to your customer.

Then, create content and web pages that cater directly to their pains, needs, wants, and desires.

There’s no better way to prepare your website for voice searchers than by understanding the people who are behind the microphone.

6. Get Ready With Content Marketing

People who are searching with their assistant, they are the millennial who intent to search for how to content like how to cook food, how to repair my bicycle, how to stop baby crying,

So even you need to prepare your content according to your industry niche.

When you help people solve their problems, with your content they reward you back by becoming the life customer.

Today content marketing is the most used ones to get people on their websites and even their local stores as well.

That is why I always say Content Marketing Is Evergreen

Go to the keyword planner as said above and search for the keywords and create content for the people to help providing the solutions for their problems.

Today 86% of B2C marketers are using content marketing as part of their outreach strategy.

Voice Search

Content marketing does a great job of capturing the “how-to” queries of voice searchers.

7. Get Ready With Mobile Responsive Website

If you want to reach people on mobile, you've got to start with the basics — a mobile site.

Though it seems obvious, this study found that 96% of consumers have encountered sites that weren't designed with mobile in mind.

It also found that when it happens, it can be bad for business — 48% reported feeling frustrated and annoyed.

When it comes to have mobile responsive website, I ask question to myself?

Am I responsive to my customers?

If yes, then you need to show it online!

That is how making your website responsive to the mobiles so that it is easy surf and read your content  by your customers.

The number of devices that people search on today (desktop, mobile, and tablet) requires your website to quickly and easily adapt to the device it’s viewed on.

Voice Search

And with voice search, this is even more important.


Because people who search using voice are usually using a mobile device. They aren’t using a computer or tablet.

So how will you test your site?

Best one is use Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool

Mobile Friendly Test Tool By Google

If the test shows that your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you might want to consider using a website-creation service that automatically optimizes for mobile. WordPressShopify, and Squarespace are a few options.

The problem (and opportunity) is big...

While nearly 75% of users prefer a mobile-friendly site, 96% of consumers say they've encountered sites that were clearly not designed for mobile devices.

This is both a big problem and a big opportunity for companies seeking to engage with mobile users.

8. Repeat & Be Consistent On Your SEO Strategy For Voice Search

When technology and adaptation of the technology is changing at faster rates, even you need to be that same in your business.

You cannot detrimental and stick to one thing.

People will kill you.

So being consistent and having the regular changes in VSO - Voice Search Optimisation is the best solution for you to stand out in the crowd and increase your sales and traffic.

Most voice search tools can understand human speech far more accurately now than they once were able to.

That means that people are more confident about using the voice search feature on their mobile device.


Today people are adapting the new technology faster than you even expect to.

So being the marketer or business owner you need to be ready with the adaptation at rocket speed so that people are satisfied with the user experience.

I understand it is very tough to adapt everything in one day as a marketer or business owner but be consistent in your work for VSO and repeat it.

Please let me know what steps have you taken for VSO - Voice Search Optimisation in the comments below.

Good luck!

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