How To Run Drip Email Campaigns?

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There are more than millions of blogs posted every day.

People follow 1000s of blogs of such, then it is obvious that they will or might forget yours after a month.

Sometimes they will come to your blog once in a month or just twice or thrice in 2 months.

Then now the question comes how will you get them back to your websites.

Now there is a common answer always being told that you need to write fresh content which makes them come back to your website.

Then you are on the wrong move.

Remember everyone knows about writing the fresh content, then how will you compete and attract them to your website.

Then our answer will be Email Marketing, but as such seeing even others do email marketing, then we need to rethink on Drip Email Campaigns.


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What is Drip Email Campaign?

Drip email campaigning is the process of sending the set of emails for a period of time and then driving the user to your required destination, considerably website or app.

So in this article, we will be seeing on How To DO This Drip Email Campaign? and Why you need to do Drip Email Campaign?

Why Drip Email Campaigning?

People visit 100s of websites every day to get solutions for their problems or to search for anything.

Now when you want people to remember your site for your niche then you need to show them that you are updating your content every day with new and fresh post releases.

Then for that, you need to do Drip Email Campaigning.

When you send the bunch of emails for the regular period you actually increase your click-through rate, conversion rates, and even signups.

When you actually send the emails regularly people tend to open and read them once and when they read it for the first time they will set your emails for the priority.

The reason they set them for the priority is they are interested to read your content depending upon how interesting content you have written.


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How To Do Drip Email Campaigning?

1. Write Your Objectives

Objectives are the priority for any work. When we want to do something we need to know the objectives of that work.

In the same way. you need to jot down what are your objectives for your Drip Email Campaign and then you need to work on them.

If you do not know what are your objectives for your drip email campaign, how will you know that your campaign is successful or failure.

How will you understand whether have you met your goals of drip email campaign, so you need to answer some questions like:

  • What are my goals for this drip email campaign?
  • What do I want my readers to do as a result of my email campaign?
  • How will these emails impact my readers?
  • How will I get my readers to act?

From the beginning itself you need to know the answers to these questions, then it is easy for you to analyze the results for your drip email campaigning.

After that, choose the type of drip campaign that will match with your campaign’s objectives.

Now let us go to 2nd step

2. Form Your Emails Sequence

Have you ever purchased any product by just reading one email review of that particular product?

No right!

If yes, then you already knew something about that product or you have different mindset, but most of the times we do not purchase products by just reading one email.

So you cannot expect people to turn their mind to your products or come to your site overnight.

So you need to plan your self one particular sequence to send the emails.

The sequence you prepare should reveal one interesting message every time, or else the reader will be disappointed.

Here is an example:

Email 1: Weebigo - Biggest Offers Given Ever

Email 2: 100,000 People Already Purchased Products In One Day

Email 3: Weebigo Has Set Aside One Separate Product For You

Email 4: Last Call For Your Purchase

When you want people to act to your emails you need to reveal secret one at a time.

The goal of the Drip Email Campaign is to make your audience act for it, and so you need to work on it.

Now let us go to 3rd step,

3. Hot Subject Lines

Hot Subject Line

Have you ever opened any emails, without reading the subject line?

How will you get that attention to open the emails?

What is the way to immediately hook the reader attention? from 1000s of emails, already present in readers inbox

So the best way to do it is by writing Hot Subject Lines

When we write the attention seeking subject lines, people tend to open the emails, or else they bounce off.

The first step towards an ideal subject line is authenticity. If you’re not sure where to start, then begin by addressing customers by their names. This will add a personal touch.

Here is an example:

Anish! How Are You?

Anish, Thank You For Everything!

So when I see such subject lines, I usually open those emails, and then read them, as they have some personal touch.

These subject lines will surely grab your attention.

So, what’s the moral of the story?

You should write subject lines that can make your readers stop and take an interest in your email.

Now let us go to 4th step,

4. Your Email Content Also Matters

Content In Your Email

Now comes the interesting job.

When you are sending the emails, the most important work is to write interesting content. When we read any of the email content, just remember about how was the email.

Any person who is reading your email will always skim the content and will never sit and read whole content.

In fact, according to Boomerang, emails with a 50% response rate have an estimated number of 50 to 125 words and a subject line of 3 to 4 words.

Not surprisingly, since your subscribers don’t have the time to read long emails, it’s important to construct an email that they can understand with skimming.

Try to write the content which feels more useful and more interesting to read.

Make your content more personal, so that they can feel that there is personal attention being given to them.

Always use the conversational tone for writing the emails.

But don’t forget to come up with a creative and compelling copy.

Now let us go to 5th step,

5. Have A Killer CTA

You have put all your efforts for the campaign but, if you do not tell where your readers should head to, once they read the mail, then it is the complete waste of time and energy.

So, you need to put the Call To Action Button

What is the CTA Button?

It is the button with the link which drives your reader to the destination which you want them to drive through.

Make sure that you have a clearly visible button and clickable button.

Here are some examples:

  • Subscribe Now!
  • Buy
  • Visit The Website

The second step is to make sure that it’s noticeable. This doesn’t mean that your CTA should be big, bold, and red. CTAs can be any size and any color.

But it can’t be ignored.

If your readers can see the CTA once they open the email, then it’s good.


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Now you have seen how to create a Drip Email Campaign, now it is time for you to create your own campaign and experiment yourself.

Start with small campaign first so that you get to know how to do the things.

Please let us know if you have any doubts regarding the Drip Email Campaigning.

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If you believe in our Why!

Good luck!

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