Get Ready For Voice Search


I hope you saw the above image.

I am quite surprised by seeing the growth of voices search in just lat 12 months.

People are just Asking for answers!

Quite not typing.

So, how do you think that you should be ready for the change?

If you ask me I am already ready for it, but I want to help you out with this post which is the step by step guide on How to get ready for voice search?

When new technology takes off, we sometimes assume the only early adopters are the young.

While millennials are no doubt talking to the new wave of voice-activated speakers, it turns out that Google Home and Amazon Echo are really resonating with baby boomers.

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In fact, my research has found that boomers see their voice-activated speakers as more than a simple device.

Get ready for voice search

Here are some more interesting stats to know:

voice-assistance-living-room voice-assistance-kitchen voice-assistance-bedroom

Today voice queries are like the two way conversations, where you are asking and AI is answering you, its not just answering it is helping you on all the daily chores.

Let’s get a bit of context.

Initially, consumers weren’t so thrilled with voice search.

In 2013, 85% of iOS users said that they didn’t use Siri.

But, fast forward to today and Siri and Google now are leading the way.

When people are using the voice search they want the Direct Answers than referral links. Believe me the answers as well as the queries are inherently different than typical searches.

Here is one more research data to show you,

Further, a December 2015 survey by Mindmeld found that 60% of respondents have started using personal assistants who operate by voice search in just the last 12 months.

Get ready for voice search

Are you ready for this search disruption?

Read on to get a better grasp on how voice search is going to change SEO strategy. 

I will be giving you all the fundamental details on the voice search and SEO strategy to get ready.

Here are some 3 characteristics of voice search query we need to see upon:

1. Length Of Cortana Search Query Was 3 Words

Cortana the personal assistant by Windows in 2015 launched with Windows 10 saw that 33% of search were from voice search.

Get ready for voice search

Text queries were shorter of maximum 3 words

Get ready for voice search

Today people are searching with long tail keywords on voice search but the things will definitely change where people start asking with short keywords.

Rather we focusing just on the keywords the Google HummingBird update has taught us that the complete content of your website will be scanned before showing it on SERP.

You can expect voice search to look personal, descriptive and specific, in the future.

2. Questions Will Be Leading On Voice Search

People are more creative and curative people who are always into conversations with the questions.

We always like to question and read the information, so then we need to even think of it when we are writing the content.

Phrases like Who, What, When, Where and How are having higher probability to occur in the voice search.

3. Opportunities For Local Businesses To Get Leads

I am serious!

You won't believe me, when you ask "Where Am I" your assistant will show you the maps and your current location, and when you ask what can I do here, then it will show you some places to rome around.

So when it comes to maps the local businesses get the attention, so they need to get revamped with website information.

Today mobile phones are the major source of used gadgets by every person.

When people want to know about their local needs they do it on the mobile phones.

The heavy local intent was also visible in the August, 2013 survey, by Meditative Spotlight. They found that 89% of people search for a local business on their smartphone once a week (or more), with 58% searching at least daily.

It’s no wonder that mobile voice search is three times more likely to be local-based than text search.

I hope now you are understanding how the voice search is changing the SEO strategy.

Now let us see how to improve your content for voice search and gain more traffic.

Prepare Your Content To Answer The Relevant Search Queries

I hope you know that importance of keywords has slowed down in SEO, while Google is showing the results with its knowledge graph.

Get ready for voice search

To be in the search box, you need to try FAQFOX

Get - ready for voice search

Once you enter your keywords with the selection of categories, and hit the search button

Get - ready for voice search

it will show you all the questions that your users are intent to type and search from other place on the internet.

You can download these questions and include them in your articles to appear in the knowledge graph of the google.

With personal assistants the importance of questions again increases.

When they want to ask something they use Assistant for quick answers, so it is obvious that, there is going to be the huge rise in long tail keyword questions.

When people are asking the questions they are using the natural language and not the grammatical one.

For example,

"Which are the best laptops of 2018"


"Show me some best laptops"

So if you observe the difference the intent is the same but way of asking the questions is different.

So it always necessary that you are ready with the natural language intent with the help of FAQFOX.

Focus On Schema Markup, XML Sitemap & Microdata

Schema is structured data vocabulary that helps search engines understand the content on your website. It isn’t new and isn’t an official ranking factor. But, it can positively impact your CTR.

Raven found that 80% of its analyzed websites lacked data.

Get ready for voice search

Further, you need to provide additional microdata on your website, about (HTML specification) your location and website content.

This not only helps search engines in making the experience richer for the searcher and presenting results in creative ways…

But, it will also help voice searchers get quick answers to their questions in the SERPs.

Start with the following articles, to optimize your website and online presence.

1. Local SEO Guide

2. Beginners SEO Guide

A major reason that prevented the initial adoption of personal assistants was the inaccuracy of word recognition in voice search queries. Google has improved its capabilities from below 80% to above 90%.

As the machine learning algorithms behind these personal assistants figure out a solution, you can meanwhile research out the common mispronunciations of your brand name. Then, do test bidding for these (mispronounced) keywords to ultimately improve your search results.


Today we are at the new beginning of Digital Marketing where people's tastes and interests of consuming information and the data has been changing.

There is going to be the day when people will be using their assistant and images for searching the data or the information.

So till then you need to be ready with your data and information which is optimised for the upcoming technological changes.

Let me know how are you updating yourself for voice search in the comments below.

Good luck!

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