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Google Ads Guide

Every day billions of searches happen on Google. People are searching for their solutions, products and services, reviews, and many other things.

People get the results from across the globe due to content generated by billions of people on the internet.

What does a search engine like Google do?

They collect and organize the same data and provide it to everyone with some algorithm structures.

Due to the highest amount of competition people wanted to drive more traffic to their websites and then Google started Adwords currently known as Google Ads where people can bid for the keywords and upon the quality score they will be given the place for placing their ads on SERP.

By seeing the increasing amount of ROI people started showing the positive results on Google Ads.

So today I will be giving you the Steps To Have Successful Google Ads Campaign for your business or your personal website.

Before we begin I would like to give you some brief idea of basic terms in Google Ads :

Basic terms in Google ads

Here are different ways where you can run Google Ads

Types of google ads

Now let us start with steps to run your Google Ads

Head on to Google Ads

1. Decide & Organise Yourself For Running Ads

On Google ADs you can start with by creating a single ad or group of ads in one campaign.

You need to differentiate your products and services into different categories if you have the different group of ads.

When you have the different group of ads you will have the chance to compare your ads and see which one is running better.

Creating separate campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keyword lists for your products help keep your ads relevant, making sure that someone who’s looking for “glitter glue,” for example, doesn’t accidentally see your ad for “embroidery thread” and think you don’t have what they need.

The more focused and specific your ads are, the more people you can reach who are interested in exactly what you have to offer.

But I would recommend you to start with 1 ad initially rather spending too much initially.

When you head inside the Google Ads campaign it is too confusing and you might not understand how it works so it is better you start with the small budget.

Now let us go to 2nd step,

2. Decide Your Budget

Bidding in google ads

With Google Ads, you will be spending the amount only for the results.

You will pay to Google only when someone clicks on your link on SERP or display ad.

The interesting part is you can set your own budget and you can have your own timings of running ads.

How will I set my budget, when I am nube?

Don't worry I'll help you with it.

We will learn it with an example:

Let us say you are selling the chocolates.

If a package of 500 chocolates costs $200 you get $100 profit for each package sold.

Now you place an ad and people convert to your site to purchase the chocolates. You will get to know the conversion rate.

Your conversion rate is the percentage of people who actually order when they arrive on your chocolate sales page.

If for every 1,000 views of the page, 10 people buy, that’s a 1% conversion rate.

Since the advertising on Google costs money, they get a cut as well.

Out of each sale, how much would you be willing to give to them?

If you think making $70 per sale is still okay, then it’s okay if you pay Google a 30% commission for each successful conversion through Ads.

Putting all of it together will give you your maximum CPC.

Max. CPC = your profit x commission for Google x your conversion rate

In this case, that would be $100 x 0.3 x 1% = $.30

That means you can spend $.30 per click on Google Ads and still make $70 per sale (given your conversion rate stays the same).

Now let us go to 3rd step,

3. Select Your Targeted Keywords

Settings for Keywords

Selecting keywords is about seeing how people are searching for your products and services and targetting those keywords.

Being more specific with your keywords is how you target your people who are searching for your related products.

You can use the Google Keyword Planner to get the ideas of how people search for your relate3d products and include those

I recommend using long tail keywords initially as it is too tough to compete with short keywords as they are bid by big brands.

The Keyword Planner can also help you estimate how much to bid on a particular keyword so your ad shows up in search results — this can give you an idea about whether certain keywords are too expensive for you to bid on, and which will fit within your budget.

Now let us go to 4th step,

4. Set Up Your Landing Page

The landing page is the page where they are directed to your website.

It all starts with impressing your visitor by making him stay on your website and drive him to the page for what he was searching for.

He will click on your ad due to seeing your keyword on your ad and he will be expecting the same from you.

When he sees your website is not containing what he had searched for he will bounce back.

So see that you direct your visitor on the same page for what keyword you had written on your ad.

Now let us go to 5th step,

5. Which Devices You Want To Show Your Ad

Now when you place an Ad you will have to decide on which device you want to show it.

You will have to choose between Mobile and Desktop.

This option is provided to see from which device you have more visitors to your site.

As you set up your Google Ads account, consider which types of customers you want to connect with (and more importantly, the types of devices those customers use), so you can reach them.

For instance, if you run a car repair shop and want to attract customers when they’re nearby and needing help, consider showing your ads only on mobile devices.

Now let us go to 6th step,

6. Bidding & Budget For Google Ads

Bidding in google ads

Now its time for you to bid the amount for your keywords. It is the amount you are ready to pay for your campaign for every click you get on your ad.

You need to decide your budget to spend on Google ads depending upon how many days do you want to give the google ads.

Your maximum cost-per-click bid (max. CPC bid) is the most you're willing to pay for a click on your ad.

By managing your bids, you may influence the amount of traffic your ads receive, as well as the Return on investment (ROI) they generate.

With higher bids, your campaign is likely to receive more traffic, although you'll likely spend more money. With lower bids, your campaign is likely to receive fewer clicks and conversions.

Here is the image which tells you how bidding works:


Now let us go to 7th step,

7. Choose Your Location

Location selection in google ads

If you run your company and services limited to your country then place the ad only to your country.

If you are doing it for brand awareness and not for sale or conversions then you can do it for display advertising or video ads.

Choosing your location itself is the targeting specific group of the audience from the specific geographic area.

Now let us go to 8th step,

8. Always Have The Conversion Tracking Code

Conversion tracking code is used to get the analytics on how many people visited your site by google ads.

It is the snippet of code which you get from the campaign which you need to paste it on your website and track the conversions.

It gives the exact stats on how many people converted to your site when they saw your ad clicked on it.


So this is the process of how you give ads on Google. There are the bunch of different ways to give ads on google.

I personally prefer to start with search ads and it is better to start with the same if you are giving the ad for the 1st time.

Once you have given the ad then it is all about seeing the performance of the keywords you have bid or change them accordingly.

Let me know in the comments below what were your results after the 1st campaign on Google Ads.

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Good luck!

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