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Youtube grow

Many of you get confused on how to start with youtube channel.

Whether to start with 10 videos or 1 video or should I be uploading daily.

So these are some of the questions what creators ask many times once they start the channel.

I will be covering the steps to grow your youtube channel with 0 views and 0 subscribers as well as helping you out on how to be consistent.

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So let us begin with the steps to grow your channel,

1. Just Get Started

Grow your youtube channel

Most of the times it happens that many of the creators just sit and plan a lot on how to execute and what type of videos or what audience to cater.

Rather sitting and calculating the maths on how many people are going to watch your videos, it is better that you just get started on uploading.

Uploading your first video might be your channel trailer, or a normal vlog of introducing your self on YouTube platform.

Just focusing on quality at the initial phase itself is wrong, you need to execute at the initial stage very faster and start uploading the videos.

Always remember your 1st videos are going to be the worst videos.

So I hope you will just go and upload your 1st video now.

Now let us go to 2nd step,


2. Share It With Your Friends & Family

Grow your youtube channel

When you are starting with your youtube channel, you need to remember that it is the community of people who share their videos with others.

When you start new, you need to share the links to your friends and family, because they are going to be your 1st 100 subscribers.

Let us say you have around 200 friends on Facebook and you can share it with you friends, so taht they can check it out with your new channel.

So whenever you go to the parties or family functions make sure that your promote it so with your relatives so that they come to know what are you trying to do.

Sharing on all other social media platforms like Instagram with the latest videos on your channel will help you gain more attention from youngsters. Be sure that you include the keylinks of your channel in your bio.

Tweet about your video with your followers, and call them to check out your video.

So sharing and shouting out initially is required so that people come to know that you are doing the youtube videos.

Another example of sharing your channel with people is telling out people when you go for shopping or where you visit for shopping regularly.

So that it reaches more people out there, and ask them to eve share your channel with their friends if they like it.

Now let us go to 3rd step,


3. Focus On Your Niche

Grow your youtube channel

There are lot number of people out there who upload the videos with broad sense.

People do not understand what are you actually trying to do with your videos, they get confused with your message.

I've seen many of them sharing the videos on their complete day like what are his interests, what all he ate, where did he go.

No that is not what people are interested to watch.

People have their life to watch and they are not interested in your life, so do not just sit and vlog on whole day, rather find out one specific niche.

Let us say, you are interested in cooking, then just start with recipes you know and start teaching them. Review some of the cooking appliances which are better to use.

So choosing with one niche and spreading your message for your audience will help you grow your channel day by day, because people understand what type of content are you sharing and they will come back to watch your videos.

You know what the reality is;

If you are targeting everybody then you will end up targeting nobody.

So, start with one particular niche and make the videos.

Now let us go to 4th step,


4. Engage With Your Audience

Now when I am talking about engaging with your audience, I am talking about reaching out more people and researching them on where they spend the other time.

Engaging is not just about making the videos, it is about finding the other related videos to your niche and comment on their videos on their quality.

Find out your audience in other social media platforms and reply to the questions asked by them, comment on others posts related to your content.

Do not just directly go and ask for them to subscribe to your channel, rather provide the value for them.

Just say,

Hi ABC, you are really creating just great content and I watch every video of yours. I thought of saying hello to you and I really want to be the part of your community.

So this is the way how you need to comment and give value for other creators and in the same way you need to follow as well as invite other friends to check out your videos.

Here is the image with some more tips to engage with your community:

Youtuber Tips

Now let us go to 5th step,


5. Focus On The Fundamentals

Fundamentals are the key things to reach your goals.

When we are discussing about the fundamentals, we are talking about evrything waht we do to reach our goals.

Even it applies same for your youtube channel.

Ask yourself, are you writing enticing titles, are your thumbnails standing out from the crowd.

How are you talking in the video?

What is the content are you talking in the video?

Is it engaging enough?

Can you hook your audience and make them to watch the full video?

So these are the fundamentals which you need to focus on your initial stage of your youtube channel.

Remember this, every youtuber success story starts with basics.

Below are the images of some fundamentals you need to focus on:

Youtube branding 5 Youtube branding 1 Youtube branding 2 Youtube branding 6

Now the 6th step is,


6. Content

You already know that content is king.

Now when it comes to creating the content you need to ask yourself, is it really providing any value to people?

Is it making to laugh someone?

Is it solving someone's problems?

Is it teaching something?

So you need to find out what is the value you are providing to your audience and help build your audience with that foundation.

Now let us go to 7th step,


7. Consistency

Now I cannot emphasise more on consistency as it is focused on how we create more often. What is our schedule?

How often people have to come back to watch new videos?

So these are some of the questions you need to answer yourself on consistency.

Upload minimum 1 video for a week.

Once the time goes on you will realise that your consistency has helped you achieve so far of creating the content.

And take my words nothing is going to happen in just 6 months or 8 months if you are really providing any value to your audience.

It will not take less than 12 to 15 months of time to get traction on YouTube.

Youtube community is the one which is not just for branding but also for sheer passion on helping people solve their problems with your knowledge.

Be prepared earlier for any work delays so that you do not miss to upload the videos.

Now let us go to 7th step,



Congratulations you are ready to grow your channel now.

So above are the 7 steps which will help you to grow your Youtube if maintained with same consistency.

I hope you got to learn something from this article.

Let me know in the comments below what are the steps you are implementing to grow your youtube channel.

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Good luck!

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