Marketing Lessons From Movie Robot 2.0

Marketing lessons from Robot 2.0 teaser release

Whenever Akshay Kumar is releasing his movies, he is making notch of noise in the industry to see that he gathers the utmost attention of the people.

When you are launching any of the product into the market there is lot of attention you need to get from the people.

No doubt that people pay attention to the personalities, but do not forget that every group of industry has its own targeted audience.

When you know this you also need to know that people will respond to your hype when went in front of them.

In the same way let us see what are those learnings we will get from the teaser release of Robot 2.0.

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When our team started researching the data to help you people on to teach what are the lessons we can learn from the movie 2.0 promotion, we were really excited to implement those startegies as well.

To be clear enough we are not talking about the lessons from the movie, rather we are talking about the promotional activites conducted by 2.0 production company as well as actors.

We know that Robot 2.0 movie releases on 29th November 2018, but observed keenly, they had even started the promotion of the movie teaser by sharing their behind the scenes on Instagram.

Interesting thing to see is they released their trailer on September 13th i.e. on Ganesh Chaturti.

Remember this we will talk about this below further.

They even made the promotional posts on Instagram of even teaser release.

Here are some of those pics which Akshay Kumar posted on his timeline of Instagram for even teaser launch.

Robot 2.0 teaser

Now what we learn over here is they are seeking the attention of the people from day 1 to even teaser launch and want to grab the user poll on it so that they remain with the hype in the market.

As we saw above they released their trailer, on Ganesh Chaturti, but to see they could have released it on any other date, but they will not.

Robot 2.0 teaser promo

Do you understand why?

They make sure that people will remember their teaser release date to be connected with the festival associated with it.

Now let us say you are arguing with someone and you will easily say that teaser was released on the Ganesh Chaturti, so people connect it and remember it and they remember it for longer duration.

That is what they need.

Let us see how they used the digital tools for their attention seeking!

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1. Akshay Kumar On Social Media

Before even teaser release, he was posting bunch of pics, videos on his social media walls.

Here are those!

Robot 2.0 movie poster

Was it necessary?

Yes, it is!

When you share then people will cope up with you.

If you do not share that you are releasing something, and you think that I am Akshay Kumar and people will get o know without even not much of promotion then you will do the biggest mistake.

You need to share it with people to get recognized and you need to seek attention.

Robot 2.0 release date

2. Lessons From Robot 2.0 Teaser Release

Releasing their teaser with hype, so that they even promote their movie at one move.

We could also lot of interviews with other bloggers and vloggers with movie team, which itself creates the hype for the movie.

The most creative strategy to be learnt is using the right dates to attach for the releases.

The other attention they have kept is they have chosen the date from their movie release in such a way that no other movie can easily compete them.

Now most of the times which brand keeps making more noise in the market and people keep their word of mouth makes more noise.


Even movie releases will teach us the lessons of marketing.

We at Weebigo are always bound to see the new lessons to be learnt from every other launch or promotion and share with our people so that you can even implement the same into your businesses.

Most things to be taken out is the date to chosen and hype being created using the other digital sources at once so that they reach the peak.

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Good luck!

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