Building Your Personal Brand By Blogging

How to build personal brand by blogging

People do not care about what you are doing, or what brand you have until they find any value in their life.

Everyone asks you like, Who are you? Why should I care about your brand?

These are the questions what everyone has on their lips.

Now I did not mean to be harsh on you about this, but this stands reality.

So building your personal brand is not about just creating or showcasing yourself with good pictures on social media and the internet.

It is about helping people with the given niche and engaging with your community and make yourself grow as a separate brand.

The best way to start with your personal branding is by blogging.

The blog will act like the advice booth for you an for those who want to read.

Now blogging and creating content with having a website will not help you to create your personal brand, we need to break down the things and understand how to go beyond and create your personal brand.

We will be understanding the process of How To Build Your Personal Brand Through Blogging with the breakdown process.


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1. Find Your Niche & Build Your Brand

What is that you want to be known for?

I want to be known for Marketing Influencer.

So, what will I be doing is I will start creating content which revolves around marketing.

Whenever I create content it is completely related to marketing.

Even if I share something personal it is related to marketing again.

When you choosing your niche to find out how many people are searching for such content and then analyze the search volume.

When you understand the search volume you will get to know the amount of potential you will be having to fulfill the needs of those people searching for your content.

Every piece of content you share on any media should revolve around your niche topic what you have selected to blog about.

Now when Weebigo is creating the content it is all about marketing always.

We find out every way around which is directly or indirectly connected to the marketing niche.

Every blog, articles, webinar or any YouTube video, it is all about marketing.

So what’s your thing? What do you want to be known for?

Are you a friendly, neighborhood guru? Or are you more of a tough-as-nails mentor?

Whatever your niche is, it has to be something you know and understand.

And you have to be able to write about it. Because you will be writing about it a lot.

When choosing your niche, focus on the keywords.

Is your niche searching for expertise like yours? Look at the search volume. Look at the queries.

Keywords will tell you whether or not people are seeking out advice in your niche already.

To do some basic keyword research, start simple.

Come up with a couple of keywords and use Google to see what pops up.

The best way to match what you want to write about and what people are searching for by using Google Keyword Planner.

When you search for the content you want to write about, then search for it and see how many people are searching for that content and analyze how you can match with it and create content.

Find your niche, identify your niche’s keywords, and use them everywhere.

Once you’ve built up your brand, you’ll start ranking for the things you want.

Now let us go to the 2nd point,

2. Create Your Personality To Create A Brand Voice

When people think about your niche they should think about you or your brand.

When this starts happening, you will come up with your own brand voice.

While creating your content you need to be authentic with your niche so that people can find the match between what you share and hat you tell.

When you are helping people with your niche into the market, people are even observing, what is that you are doing and are interested to know how will you shape yourself into it.

Most of the times people are interested to know your brand voice with your personal life, so it is always better to revolve around the niche you have thought of even with your personal life.

When Tim Ferriss was asked about building his brand, he said, “I try hard to be myself, despite the public flak, and to be the best version of myself possible.”

This mindset shows through in a lot of what he does with his brand.

Take a look at this example from his personal blog:

Tim ferris blog

When you start involving your personal life experiences with your personal brand people start accepting your advice and get influenced as you are showing your authenticity by doing the same and advising the same for others.

When you’re starting in the blogging world, you have to have your own brand voice.

This means infusing bits and pieces of your personality into your writing.

You have to understand that people are coming to your brand because of you.

If they wanted any old guru, they’d go to any old guru.

Take a look at this example from another popular blogger, James Clear.

James clear blog

What you have is unique, and you need to interject your personality into your branding.

When building your own brand voice, take your own personality into consideration.

Or maybe you thrive on professionalism.

Whatever makes you “you,” put that into everything you do on your blog.


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Now let us go to the 3rd point,

3. Match Your Theme With Your Blog

When creating content, you need to be aware that you are influencing people and they are observing you on every angle.

So that even includes how is the design of your blog.

Take a look of our content either you see the content or else you see the information about other promotions which are again related to marketing.

Now when we even promote the other products they are again related to business automation tools which are directly or indirectly connected to marketing.

Since our whole focus is on helping people with marketing niche, we revolve around everything about marketing and then even match our theme design with what we share.

Once you’ve identified your niche and your brand voice, next comes the hard part: building your actual blog.

The design is one of those things that can really work for you or against you.

Wherever you go on our site, you just see about the marketing content.

As we have narrowed down our focus on one thing that is marketing.

We also make sure that we keep our site neat and clean so that it is easy to navigate and make first good impression.

Studies show that 94% of the time, someone’s first impression is based on design. It only takes 50 milliseconds for that decision to be made.

So your site’s design is just as important as your brand voice.

One example of brand-related design done well is Seth Godin’s site.

Seth godins blog

He knows that people are there to hear from him, so he’s made himself quite literally the focus of his page.

You have to click his head to read his blog.

There are two million blog posts published every day.

You’re going to need your blog to stand out in some way.

The design is a really simple way to do that.

When writing your blogs make sure that when you want to build your personal connection with the people you need to write content which rotates with your personal name.

That’s why it’s called a personal brand.

So start by building a website with your name and use a design that reflects who you are.

Now let us go to the 4th point,

4. Consistency Is The Key, So Just Write

What is blogging?

It is all about you share the content about what you know, with people who do not know.

Now there are millions of people and even millions of blog posts posted every day, but if you need to stand out in the crowd you need to outwork every day.

When you start posting the content regularly you engage your audience.

We know that creating quality content every day is a tough job and even promoting it is very hard, but make sure that you do it 2 or 3 times a week.

You want to post a lot of content because:

  1. You have advice that people need to hear.
  2. Having more content improves your SEO.
  3. There is a lot of competing content already out there.
  4. The more you write, the more you refine your brand.
  5. The more you refine your brand, the bigger and better it will be.


You have to spend time writing, editing, posting on social media to engage your audience every day.

We make sure that we keep our audience engaged.

We post articles, upload videos, host webinars, and even conduct conferences.

But, we're not saying you have to be “on” 24/7.

If you can engage on other social media platforms, that’s even better.

Look at Gary Vaynerchuk, who runs VaynerMedia, for example.

garyvee blog

The guy stays engaged with his audience on a regular basis. He engages on multiple platforms with multiple media types.

If you want to build a brand like Gary’s, you have to be doing the same thing.

Now let us go to the 5th point,

5. Start Guest Blogging

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is about posting regular content even on other sites.

There are many websites like Medium, Flipboard, Forbes, ENtrepreneur etc.

You can go and become a contributor to their site.

When you go and ask any top-notch bloggers, how would you start your blogging journey, if you would start it today?

Then they will answer you that you need to build your core audience and that will be only possible by guest blogging.

When you set your audience by showing the amount and niche content you share you can drive them to your personal blog now which you are creating the brand.

Guest blogging will not only help you to build the core audience but will also help you to network with other influencers and grow your network.

Another thing that guest blogging does is form relationships with other influencers.

When we asked Lewis Howes his advice for building an online presence, he said that making friends provides the biggest ROI for your time and money.

One of the best ways to do this is through either emailing influencers directly or building relationships through social media.

Lewis uses LinkedIn as a way to reach out to other influencers.

The one thing you need to know about guest blogging is you need to have minimum follower base before you start with it.

When you write something on Entrepreneur, Forbes you need to have something where you can revert them back.

You can grow a brand with just guest blogging.

We've seen it happen.

But if you really want results, you should be using guest blogging as a way to extend the reach of your current blog.

Guest blogging is the perfect way to create backlinks to your site, which will help your ranking on Google.

It can do wonders for your SEO.

It will really do great things for your marketing efforts.

Getting started won’t take much of your time, but it will pay off in the long run. Build a list of strategies and start executing them.

How long will it take to build a brand with blogging?

It is never an overnight success for anything and even for blogging.

When we have the blog and you want to create the personal brand out of it, you need to have the consistent work and engage your audience.

Or as BrandingETC puts it, the same amount of time as a gestating whale:

Branding ETC

Basically, you need a lot of patience and persistence (and time) to grow.

That’s why you have to post consistently.

You also need a sense of delayed gratification.

Blogging is not the thing which will make you famous in just night and it even should not.

Relationships with other influencers, networking, and growing a following all take time and intent to connect personally.

You can always grow a brand quickly.

But if you want to stick around for the long haul, you have to put in the hours.


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You want to build your brand.

Start blogging today, and blog daily for the first 6 months, because focusing on quality is not enough, you need to even focus on quantity at the initial stage.

It takes some work, but it can be done.

First, pick a niche. Research keywords. Fill a void that needs to be filled.

Write a lot. Strive for high-quality, valuable content.

Make connections. Focus on quality.

Get your name out there.

What niche do you see yourself going after for your personal brand?

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