How To Start Selling On Amazon India?

How to start selling on Amazon India

Every day people are browsing the internet either on social media or to learn something or to shop for their needs.

The Internet has given the freedom for the people to choose from 1000s of varieties and they will choose in which they are interested and they will do the purchases.

When it comes to shopping people have a variety of combinations and even with different pricing.

When the competition arises it is always beneficiary for the consumer.

We want to ask you a few questions

Do you have a plan to start an online store?

Have you planned to sell goods online?

Are you in the plan to sell goods on Amazon?

Are you searching for how to get started to sell goods online?

To answer these questions, then you have come to the right place.

In this guide, you will be getting the complete idea of how to get started to sell goods online, preferably on Amazon Store.

Today Amazon has become the giant of the online store. More than a billion products are sold every year on Amazon.

People's first priority to purchase online is from Amazon and then other stores.

So let us see how we can set up ourselves to sell our goods on the Amazon store.

If you believe the question “How to sell online” has a very complicated answer, the reality can be far simpler.

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Here’s a step by step guide on how you can set up your online business with Amazon store within minutes.

Step 1: Get Valid Tax Documentation Ready (GST number and/or PAN for business)

Step 2: UPC & Brand Registry

Step 3: Cataloguing & Listing

Step 4: Configure Shipping Options

Step 5: Bank Details & Account Setup

Step 6: Start Selling Products Online

Now let us see the details

Step 1: Get Valid Tax Documentation Ready (GST number and/or PAN for business)

Before you get started to sell products on Amazon India store you need to be ready with your tax regulations.

You need to have either of the company registered:



Limited Liability Partnership

Private Limited Company

For registration help, you can contact VakilSearch.

Once you are done with your registration details, you can complete with GST & PAN details.

(If your product is tax exempt, you must provide PAN details relevant to your business)

Step 2: UPC & Brand Registry

In this step, you will have to get the Unique Product Code & Brand Registration for your products.

Another way is sometimes when people want to sell the products which are already on Amazon will need to directly fill the details of the products.

Aamon inventory will automatically tell you the UPC and your registration is at ease.

In case you are selling a unique/new product, you can provide your UPC while listing. If UPC is unavailable, apply for UPC exemption.

Sellers who have their own brand can register your brand under brand registry to avoid brand infringement.

Why Brand Registry?

Amazon brand registry

Amazon brand registry details


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Step 3: Cataloguing & Listing

Product listing on Amazon India

Now let us see how we can list products and catalog them for people to search easily.

There are different ways which are convenient for everyone.

You can choose from them which will be convenient for you to start with.

In this digital age, sellers with a physical shop may feel that listing products online is a challenge.

If you have your documents in place and a product to sell, then listing your product is the last step to get your online business started.

Here are those 4 ways:

Scan your products to list

Amazon Seller App allows you to scan barcodes (UPC, EAN or ISBN) on your products.

If your products have barcodes, then you can simply scan using the scan button on the top right corner of the Amazon Seller App’s home screen.

Product listing and cataloguing on Amazon

Match your products to the existing list marketplace features products sold by many sellers.

To prevent the same product from appearing many times, Amazon provides a product matching feature.

Product matching helps you match your product to an existing one.

Use “Prepare your listings” feature to list many products

If you have an excel file with product information in it, you can list products using 'Prepare Your Listings' feature.

Sellers can access the tool by clicking on Prepare Your Listings > ‘Add a Product’ page in Seller Central and undertake the following 4 simple steps to create listings of their products.

Upload product file
Confirm categories
Match product information
Create listings

Use “Custom inventory template” to list many products

A custom inventory template provides sellers with a minimum set of attributes in an excel sheet for listing of a large number of products in one go.

This is very useful if the number of products you have is very large.

Step 4: Configure Shipping Options

amazon shipping options

Now let us head on to ship your products.

There are multiple options to choose with shipping your products to the customers.

Choose the shipping service which suits you best. You can select from shipping options like:

Fulfillment By Amazon

This is the process where you send the products to your nearest fulfillment store of Amazon and relax.

As soon as the products are received at the fulfillment centers, Amazon executives stock it up with care, pack it when an order is received, prepare it for delivery and deliver the order.

This also includes managing returns.

Easy Ship

In this service Amazon helps sellers to send the products to any remotest part of the country.

No need to worry about going and partnering with any other courier partners.

Easy ship rates are nominal and it saves the seller the effort of identifying a separate courier partner.

This service was launched exclusively for India, so Indian sellers can have greater control over their stock or inventory.

Seller Flex

This unique service provided by Amazon is for sellers who have a large amount of inventory and need help managing their warehouse.

Amazon executives work out of the seller’s warehouse and perform the same functions as they would for FBA.

They stock the products carefully, and upon receipt of an order, pack it, deliver it and manage returns.

Self Ship

In case, you have just started selling online and want to try out shipping your own products.

At Amazon, you have the freedom to select your own courier partner.

You can purchase our branded packaging material online at a nominal rate and coordinate with your courier partners to ensure that your products are shipped on time.

Step 5: Bank Details & Account Setup

Update your bank account details.

Setup basic account information like invoice address, customer service contact etc

Amazon will take care of your payment in a seamless and timely manner, with regular payments directly to your bank account.

Step 6: Start Selling Products Online

Once you register, you can always contact the Seller Support Team in case you need help.

Registering and launching yourself as a seller on is a very easy process.

If you have not registered yet, click here to become an online seller at Amazon India.


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Selling online on Amazon, however, brings you many benefits.

Getting started is more easy than any other platform.

Rather selling on the platforms on which people choose as the secondary option, start selling on the people's primary option.

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If you believe in our Why!

Good luck!

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