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Youtube Channel

Today YouTube is more than just video platform.

People come on youtube not just to watch movies and the entertainment, they also come to learn something, especially How To videos.

Youtube has built its strong community of people helping each other with their message by sharing it with the others and helping them and bringing the change in their life.

Youtube has also helped many of the brands to increase their sales through video content.

Now have a look on some facts and figures of YouTube

Youtube -channel Youtube -channel Youtube -channel Youtube -channel

People do not just come and watch the videos, but they become the fans of the creators ang give comments, likes and share your videos.

So when these things happen.

These things happen when you attract your audience to your content and they are like, Oh My God This Is What I Wanted!

Here is the small research on how Youtube Stars made their place on Youtube

Youtube Videos

Create a channel: When setting up a channel on YouTube, you may want to get the initial housekeeping tasks out of the way (like naming, setting privacy permissions, etc.) so you can focus on taking your great channel idea and transforming it into a reality.

I’ll show you the steps to kickstart your channel and get it ready for future uploads.

Be found: Next, consider how your videos will get discovered on YouTube. Successful creators often grow their channel by finding the right audience and adding customisations.

For example, adding thumbnails, metadata, and a clickable title can help viewers search for and find your videos more easily.

While viral videos can bring in views, it’s more common to build an audience with a series of videos on a topic you’re passionate about.

Keep ‘em watching: Once audiences uncover your videos and love them, you’ll want to encourage them to come back for more.

Simple strategies like having a consistent upload schedule or creating playlists can help.

Drive fandom: Once you’ve accomplished these three steps, it’s important to talk to your fans like they’re your friends, both on YouTube and through social channels.

Conversation with your audience can be fun and an effective way to build a loyal fanbase.

Now we shall go through the Step By Step Process On Launching Your Successful Youtube Channel

Step 1 : Define Your Mission & Audience

Step 2 : Name Your Channel Which Reflects Your Subject Niche

Step 3 : Upload The Captivating Channel Trailer

Step 4 : Give An Informative Channel Description

Step 5 : Get Ready With The First Video

Step 6 : Make Sure You Do Videos For Global Audience

Step 7 : Focus On Subscribers

Step 8 : Consistency Is The Key To Success

So lets begin with the steps,

Step 1 : Define Your Mission & Audience

Youtube Channel

When you are starting with your channel brainstorm yourself with your subjects and the tpics you are choosing to do the videos.

Having a mission statement gives you the clear pathway on what you are heading to.

A mission statement – a message, or a set of characteristics that define your channel – can help streamline your thoughts.

Figuring these things out will help you out in the branding, advertising, production design and even what type of videos you want to create will fall at one place.

Remember always stay true to what you are doing.

Love what you are doing.

Otherwise you will end up disliking the work you are doing in the few days and give up faster.

Ask yourself these questions to hone in on what your future on YouTube could look like:

  • What do you want to be known for? What does success look like to you?
  • What genre does your channel fall into? What are other creators doing in that category? Which ones do you like the most and why?
  • Who is your audience?
  • How do you want your channel to look in five years?
  • Who are your favourite YouTube creators and what makes them memorable to you?

To win the heart of your fans you will need to create the content which your audience wants to watch without fail.

You will have to be sure that your audience can relate to your content and they are eager to watch your upcoming videos.

Consider your ideal audience:

  • Who do you think will be drawn to your videos?
  • Will your channel resonate with a specific group of people?
  • Is there a niche that you’re tailoring your content towards, like yoga enthusiasts or action sports fans?

Be sure with what you are sharing with your audience.

Take out the calendar and see how often can you make the videos.

Prepare your schedule to make the videos consistently, so that your audience feels that you are always there for them to give their interested content regularly.

Here are a few suggestions to consider before diving into the nitty gritty of producing videos for your channel:

  • Map out an upload schedule to determine how often can you feasibly produce videos. Pull out your calendar and look to see how much free time you have in the next few months. With that in mind: when will you plan, shoot and edit your videos?
  • Sketch out some branding ideas: what might your channel icon or banner look like? Try putting some ideas down on paper or creating a few images you can test out on your channel.
  • Look at YouTube Analytics and think about which metrics are most important to you and why. There are numerous ways to measure your success in YouTube Analytics: views, subscribers, minutes watched, number of countries watching, etc. Which will you focus on?

Step 2 : Name Your Channel Which Reflects Your Subject Niche

Youtube channel

You want to be more personal with your channel, go ahead and keep your First & Last Name to your channel.

There is no better option than that, but when you have the business to build around then you need to be specific with the name you choose or the brand name that you already have for your business.

The first thing to keep in mind is reflect the name with what niche you are doing in the channel.

Also think about how this name works as a brand; does it clearly communicate your channel concept? Would you be OK being represented by this name to the world if a video goes viral?

To begin, go to YouTube and sign in with your Google account.

Go into settings (the wheel icon found in the menu at the top right), and you’ll be walked through the steps which give you the option to create or rename your channel.

Step 3 : Upload The Captivating Channel Trailer

Youtube Channel

Your channel trailer is like movie trailer!

Wow, that's amazing right, you are telling your first time viewers that you have something special in you and you have to show that value to them to make them your fans.

Think about your unique capabilities and ask yourself why people should come back to your channel to watch your videos and give the message in the trailer.

There are many ways to make a channel trailer, but consider starting with something that hooks your viewers in the first few seconds, highlight the best parts of your channel and delivering your key messages.

Assume that they have never heard of you, tell them why should they subscribe to your channel and what is the value you are providing them.

Always keep your trailer short.

Attract the new viewer in less time and pitch all the great things your channel is going to provide them.

It should tell your visitors who you are, what your content is like, and when they can expect new uploads.

Ask viewers to subscribe in your video and with annotations.Your trailer will also automatically have an end card when the video finishes, giving the audience an easy way to subscribe.

Hook your viewers in the first few seconds.

Show, don't tell. If you're a comedy channel, make your trailer funny. If you're an extreme sports channel, incorporate a trick into your video.

Using a recently uploaded video may not show the breadth of your talent in a single shot, so make sure your channel trailer communicates to potential fans what your channel is made of!

Step 4 : Give An Informative Channel Description

Youtube channel description

The channel description is the Bio Data of your channel.

It should reflect all the important details at the beginning itself.

Remember search engines use your description to index your channel to show in the results as per the user searches.

Give the complete idea of who are you?, what are you doing?, and the value proposition to the new visitors with your description.

When the First Time Subscriber comes to your channel he sees the trailer as well as the chaneel description at the right side of your channel page.

When viewers read it, they should have a pretty good idea of what your channel is about and know where to go for more information.

Here are some tips,

  • Most important information at the beginning.
  • Use unique description phrases to pop the interest to know about your channel.
  • Use call to action words to compel them to subscribe and watch your videos.
  • Include the links of your personal websites and social media profile links.
  • Check how is your description displayed in other devices like mobile and tablets.

Step 5 : Get Ready With The First Video

Upload youtube Video

Now you are done with naming your channel, ready with your mission statement, you are done with your trailer and description and now the time is to publish your first video.

It is the time of the execution of your plans.

First impressions count, so make sure that you present your video with maximum curb appeal. Don’t neglect the fields that could help your video attract viewers: title, description and thumbnail.

I will go through some guiding principles for you,

1. Upload the videos in the proper format which youtube wants you to do.

Youtube file formats

2. Write titles which are highly attractive and compelling enough for viewers to click on your videos. Video titles are one of the first things viewers read so consider what keywords or phrases might compel your target audience to click.

3. Write the best description ever because viewers will be reading the top 2 sentences of your description. So give them the real estate of your video in the first 2 sentences. Consider linking to your website or social media, giving credit to collaborators or providing contact information.

Youtube video description

4. Insert the tags that are the most important ones, which suits your videos message. Tags help your videos get discovered.

5. Thumbnails are the first look on what viewers get enticed to watch your video so be sure that you have the most attractive thumbnail. These are the small things but matter a lot.

YT Thumbnails

Step 6 : Make Sure You Do Videos For Global Audience

Youtube channel

When you are selecting your niche be sure that it catering to the global audience.

Even if you start small, but be sure that when you are expanding you can reach any segment of demographic audience.

Be sure to help people around the world.

When you increase your reach with the audience around the world you will have the potential of growing your channel to new heights easily.

Remember 10% rule. 10% rule is when you approach for 100 you will convert 10 people where the conversion rate is 10%.

So be sure that you are publishing the videos which are sending the message to the global audience.

Never publish any hate speech or abusement videos which is against the youtube community guidelines.

YouTube is a place to showcase your creativity, but videos don’t belong on YouTube if they feature hate speechsexual content or nudityviolencespam or threats. Take a look at the explanation of YouTube’s policies in our Community Guidelines.

Step 7 : Focus On Subscribers

Youtube subscribers

Subscribers are critical to your success on YouTube because they tend to spend more time watching your channel than viewers who are not subscribed.

Remember one thing watch time is the significant factor for your channel to grow.

People will be getting your videos in the results especially on the basis of watch time and the number of subscribers you have.

So it's important to build a subscriber base who love your channel and keep coming back for more.

Once a person subscribes to your channel youtube will be sending the notification for them to highlight certain videos which you have made public.

Your subscribers can also allow youtube to send the reminders with hitting the bell icon beside the subscribe button on every video you upload.

Because subscribers are likely the first to see when you've released something new, they often drive initial views when your videos premiere, and contribute to increased discovery by non-subscribers.

Subscribers are also important because they form your channel's community.

Interacting with your audience through comments and shout-outs is an important aspect of the YouTube ecosystem.

Here are the 4 tips I would like to give you to boost your subscribers,

1. Make videos which are worth watching. Give some value and purpose in the videos to watch which instigates your subscribers to share the videos.

2. Use all the tools provided by the youtube like using End screen annotations, cards and telling people to subscribe with those features.

3. Work according to your schedule, where people find some value and will have the understanding of your timings on when you upload the videos consistently.

4. Make it easy for your audience to subscribe by adding watermarks to your videos with calls to action to subscribe.

Step 8 : Consistency Is The Key To Success

Youtube Channel

Why people will want to subscribe the channels which are not providing any value to them?

So you need to show your consistency in uploading the videos, regularly.

People should have the eagerness to wait and watch your videos, that is the persistence of creating content on youtube.

Youtube community is the one which is not just for branding but also for sheer passion on helping people solve their problems with your knowledge.

Be prepared earlier for any work delays so that you do not miss to upload the videos.


Following the above 8 steps will surely help you launch your successful youtube channel.

I will be sharing and helping you out with many more articles on how to grow your youtube channel.

Let me know in the comments below what are the topics you want me to cover for you for growing your youtube channel.

One thing to tell you is hardwork and passion always pays off with better results.

Good luck!

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