11 Most Useful Marketing Strategies For Startups

11 Marketing Strategies For Startups

Any startup company dreams to build a huge audience for their company.

Everyone wants to increase signups, users and subscribers.

But very few reach the milestone and reason is they do not find or make the proper marketing strategies.

But the reality is that it is not so outspending or great thinking to have to outgrow the other's audience and reach the new milestone.

It is the work of creativity and out of box thinking.

When startups are at the phase of validation they start with their marketing strategies and then start finding the proper tools or even the creative strategies to start marketing their product.

Some of them get to the peak and some take much of the time and some do not enter the market.

Getting creative marketing strategies might take some time but when implemented it even gets you to the growth hack.

This kind of creative, unexpected growth is often termed growth hacking. It’s a way to promote your business not just through marketing, but through all channels of your business.

It is the guaranteed way of growth when implemented with these 11 Marketing Strategies to your startup, and the reason we are very sure about these are, we ourselves have helped and implemented with this promotional activities.

Let's get started with one by one

1. Referral Marketing

People always believe in people's voice.

Peer recommendation works far more better than any marketing strategy.

Let us take a simple example, most of the times when we are in outings or we are in parties we have the discussion and we listen or see some of friends are using different applications in their mobile phones.

When we see and ask them for the performance of the app, we get the real review and we even install the app.

So referral marketing is not about just word of mouth, it also builds the trust between the people's mindset when referred by their friends or family or peers.

This is a basic strategy where you allow customers to help promote your product for you. It’s a simple concept, but it isn’t used nearly enough by most of the startups I’ve seen.

There is no need for you to sit and build the whole platform of referral marketing, as there is a company which has already done the hard work for you.

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This is a great way to build a viral interest in what you have to offer.

Now let us go to the 2nd strategy,

2. Conduct Challenges Or Competitions

Conduct competition to grow user base for your startup

One of the biggest problems with viral marketing is that it’s often difficult to tell exactly what the company has to offer.

If you create a video that everyone loves, you might suffer a lack of recognition. A clever video might not necessarily explain your product or even direct viewers to buy.

So, what’s the solution? Make your product the focal point of the viral marketing campaign you decide to run.

People love to participate in the challenges arranged by the companies.

They get even more interested when you are providing cash prizes.

Target your specific group of audience and find out what interests them and match your competition with those topics and then conduct the competition.

The best way to find the competition is to match with the problem you are trying to solve and then make it your competition topic and then let people participate so that they even get to know how your company is solving this problem and how you are different.

Now let us go to 3rd strategy,

3. Offer Beta Offers

When you launch the product, give the beta feature with freebies and then promote it to the people by saying to sign up.

When you provide the beta for free you get most of the signups and then get the user base.

When you tell that you are getting exclusive sign-ups for free and then in future, it will be costing so much, the people think of the exclusivity and sign up to your product.

By using a beta when you open your startup to new users, you can create a sense of exclusivity about your product, and get raving fans to sign up first.

This has been used by a huge number of startups to get their first users.

People love to have that feeling of exclusivity, and when you provide that they love to have it.

Now let us go to 4th strategy,

4. Participate In Trade Shows


Conduct competition to grow user base for your startup

When you participate in trade shows, you get to network with a lot many people and you get the push to move forward.

Most of the startups get started by attending the trade shows and get connected with people.

When you get connected you grow your network of community and you might even get the same match for your products who could also become your customer.

Now let us go to5th strategy,

5. Giveaway Stickers or Flyers

Giveaway stickers for growing startup userbase

This kind of offline promotion can be a massive way to grow your new business. In whatever way the digital marketing grows, but still, we need to do the traditional marketing concepts to reach out to people.

The best way to get started is to distributing stickers which are interesting for people to use and even which advertises your business.

When even we wanted to reach number of people, even we thought of doing the same with distributing the brochures or flyers to the people.

But when we thought of distributing the flyers to the people, we even had experienced when someone used to give us the flyers, we used to throw them or use it as waste paper.

So we came up with the plan of giving the stickers of the calendar wherein they can use them as well as we had our advertisement on it.

Using this strategy you literally reach the mass audience and spread a word of mouth about your product or the company.

Now let us go to 6th strategy,

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6. Post On Forums

Online forums are the best way to reach to the people who are facing problems.

They express their problems and expect solutions from the people.

Now when you reach out with your solution and post it to the people who are facin gthe problem, you are not just creating the value but also promoting your product.

Find out the forums like StackExchange, Quora etc.

Search for your topics, and find out what are the problems that are faced by the people, and now find out which are the problems that you can solve with your product.

Then, provide the solution by answering those questions.

Now when you reach out the people, with the solutions; you even promote your product and even create value.

The result changes when people start visiting your site and they even start recommending their peers.

So you have helped which will double to 3 or 4 and it is more in some cases.

Now let us go to 7th strategy,

7. Media Or Publication Attention

Media or online publications are the main sources to get public attention faster.

When you get the attention of the media, you reach to the mass audience on 1st day itself.

It helps you increase the visits to your site or footfalls to your office.

Start building the relations with the publications, editorials and get their attention towards your product.

When people start recognizing your worth of product through the online publications, they start converting to your products.

Make sure that you get the normal rate of attention and let it be in the consistency or else it lashes out your traffic at once when attention reduces down.

Reach out to the online publications first rather going and meeting the best publications of the world.

They do not entertain at the initial stages, so it is better you go and meet the people who are matching your wavelength.

Find out the local media's attention first and then spread your word to the other cities.

Do not rush to all the media houses at once.

Now let us go to 8th strategy,

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8. Target Your Specific Community

Do you want o build the user base faster?

Do you know who is your target audience?

Do you know in which community they are filled in?

If Yes! is your answer for all the above questions, then it is time to promote your product in that specific group of community.

How do you promote in the community groups?

Do not pitch in the community, rather go and solve people's problems and create value.

And then ask for people to check out your product for more better solutions.

You can even make videos which explain how your solution for their problem is the best fit and even include something interesting which makes them give more attention to your product than any others from the community.

Now let us go to 9th strategy,

9. You Should Be The User Of Your Product

When you have initially launched your product which is tangible or an online based, you face the serious problem of new users not accepting your product.

When you have less content on your site people won't come and to increase users you need content.

So this is the problem of "Chicken & Egg"

But there is the hard truth to find the solution for this.

You should be the hardcore user for your own product.

Start using your product in every possible way, and advertise it when you are using it.

Make sure that people notice which is the product that you are using and then let them know how they can get started to use it.

Most of the times we have talked to startups where they promote on their own but they do not make it easy for the new users to register.

So be sure about it.

The thing even you need to do is be the hardcore user of your product and seek the attention of the public towards your product.

Now let us go to 10th strategy,

10. Host The Contest

Are you ready to spend some money?

When you say Yes!

Then you need to invest it in hosting the contest for the people to participate.

Most of the times, people feel it is fake but the reality stands completely different.

When you host the contest most of the times people get more interested to participate in the journey and then feel to be that part of it.

Now it depends on how interesting are your rewards.

Now if you tell that you will give iPhone, then you will attract huge audience.

Most of the times people actually get attracted to the rewards you are giving and not just for the contest.

Increase your base by attracting the huge audience and be original in your contest.

Give the reward for what you had told, do not fake, or else it converts to the serious issue.

Now let us go to 11th strategy,

11. Get Your Competitors Users


You read it right!

When you target and get the competitors users by attracting more special offers, you get higher user base at the initial stages.

Now it is your work to retain them by your best product or solution you are providing.

People come to your product and get converted but it is hard for you to retain them, so make sure that you are growing with your better solutions and better satisfaction for the users.

Getting a new customer is costlier than retaining the old ones.

Now there are many ways to convert your competitor's users, either target them on directly bidding on the advertisements or offer special offers for switching to your solution.

When you directly offer special discounts to converted users be aware that even your competitor will be watching it, so you also should be confident on your solution which is far better than your competitor.


As we had mentioned above that these are the strategies which will work for 100%, the reason is very simple because the creativity comes within these strategies.

When we had experimented with these with the startups they already have succeeded.

So implementing these will help you in having the consistent growth of users base.

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If you believe in our Why!

Good luck!

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