7 Ways To Create Content On Twitter

7 hacks to create content on twitter

Creating content and seeking the attention is 21st century marketing.

Those businesses who still believe that nothing is going to happen if we create content for people, or do not create, then they are the biggest fools of this century.

I would like to tell them one thing that upcoming generation is internet generation and they are just going to throw you out from the market.

Just get started and binge out on creating the content on all the social media platforms.

In the mean time now let me tell that tweet your message to the audience with consistency.

But now the question comes is how to do it?

Here are the 7 Tips To Create Content On Twitter.

If you would like to know How to leverage your business brand with twitter, here is the article for you.

Now let us begin with the 7 tips to help your create content on twitter.

1. Start Creating Campaigns With Your Small Tweets

Tweet your campaigns

Now we all know that twitter gives the limit of 280 characters to write our message, but did it tell that you shouldn't share any links to your external sources.

No right!

So why shouldn't we write our message and drive them to our campaigning websites.

Like let us say you are conducting the webinar on sales, then you can just write the interesting message for them to attend the webinar and give the link of your landing page of your webinar for registration.

So what is that you are doing here you are driving them to the landing page where you are going to provide the value for them to increase their sales.

In the same way let us say you want to give away the 101 Tips On Marketing, so help them to know from your tweet and give the link for them to download.

Tweeting about your campaigns and then creating the value for your followers to help them drive to your destination is what about nurturing them with your small tweets and large campaigns.

Now let us go to 2nd tip,

2. Ask Questions For Your Audience To Answer

Tweet your polls

Do you know research shows that people tend to engage more with your brand when you ask their opinions on your subjects and topics.

That is what always happens on social media.

So coming to the point use the Twitter Polls to ask questions and conduct the poll which shows the result right in front of them.

Now when you ask the opinion of the people they get excited to know more about your business, so you convert more number of leads from your polls.

Now conducting polls was not easy as it is today.

So get started to conduct the polls on twitter today regarding your fresh new products.

Let us take an example:

Let us say you sell shoes, and you want to know the color preference from people, so you can upload the 8image of the shoes and conduct the poll on the color options for people to choose.

So you even get to know which is the best color to choose for manufacturing the shoes.

Now let us go to 3rd tip,

3. Tweet Everything About Creating Your Content

Tweet about crossposting

Now let us say you write blogs for people to help solve problems.

If you are creating content for people to read and take use of it or you have the intention to help people and create value for them, then start sharing your tweets.

Drive to the content you are creating and let them know about it.

Never hesitate to tweet about your content, it is all about making people know that you are not just on twitter.

Make them realise that you are not dead on other social media.

Most of the times people do not know that you are also available on other platforms or you even write the blogs.

Let us say you even create content on Facebook, then start sharing those links for them to know about it.

Share the links of your latest blogs every now and then, and do not just binge about your blogs. Use frequency of 2 days to tweet about every topic you want to.

Now cross promoting is itself making people know about your brand with different ideologies.

Now let us go to 4th tip,

4. Tweet With Videos & Images

Tweet with images

Upcoming generation is consuming more content of visuals.

Now let us say you just tweet with texts, but having more engagement on your tweets is at curse so, start tweeting more of videos and images as well as GIF so that people get interested to approach you.

Combine your tweets with different ways of visuals and make them more engaging to boost your reach.

When I offer you the book to read and the video to watch, which one will you choose?

If it was me!

I would take Book!

No, just kidding

I would choose the video, and then take the book.

So people are more interested to watch the visuals, especially images an videos.

Images are worth 1000 words,

But videos are worth 1000 images.

Tweet with images & videos

So start sharing the visuals to your audience.

Now let us go to 5th tip,

5. Share The Theme Content

Tweet your blogs

When you are creating the brand, we take steps very cautiously, in the same way, when you are sharing the content on twitter, build up the theme to share the content.

Let us say, you host the party for your employees, share all pictures of your party.

Tweet the new joiners.

Tweet about your employees success in reaching goals.

Share the employee profiles, for their accomplishments.

Now people get more engaged when you show the transparency in your company and you build the goodwill in front of your audience.

Mix up the tweets and create a circle of theme for sharing the content regularly so that even when people see your content in their newsfeed, they should get to know that it is your content.

Now having the theme will not only help your audience recognise you, but will also help you leverage your brand awareness in front of your audience.

Now let us go to 6th tip,

6. Tweet With #Tags

Measuring is made easy for you when you tweet with #tags and sponsor those tweets.

Checkout the image.

Tweet with hashtags

Now let us go to 7th tip,

7. Create Compelling Content

Curating the compelling content will be an inspiration for your audience to engage more with your content.

So start creating the content which is more appealing, value oriented and helpful enough.

Starting from, what is your topic to who you follow in your particular brands or what is your peer groups wants you to share, mix up all these things and create the content.

It takes time for doing these but will help you in long run from brand building.


So these were the 7 Tips To Create Content On Twitter, which will help you to reach more organic audience or even when you sponsor your tweet.

Let me know what are your steps you have taken to create more engaging content on twitter in the comments below.

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Good luck!

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