Complete Twitter Marketing Guide

Complete Twitter Marketing Guide

Twitter the best place to share quick news with people within 280 characters.

Today most of the politicians, ambassadors, actors, and actresses use Twitter to share their quick personal messages with people.

But is there any space for entrepreneurs and businesses in Twitter?

Can businesses get started with a Twitter account?

How to get started with Twitter marketing for business accounts?

Can brands use Twitter for marketing?

Yes, in this guide you will get an answer to all these questions and similar more on these.

In this Step By Step Guide of Twitter Marketing, you will get to know how businesses and brands can use Twitter for marketing.


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In the month of July Twitter turned 12 years old and has increased its user base year on year.

Most of the sources say people believe Twitter as the right place to get the news of anything we need.

Today it has more than 313 million monthly active users, with 79% of those located outside the US.

It is estimated that 500 million people use the site every month and 82% of its users access the site via mobile devices.

Over the years, Twitter has expanded its services so users can share images and videos, and recently, Twitter changed the way 140 character limit works to 280 characters so that photos, videos, attachments, links and people’s usernames no longer count as part of the limit.

Twitter is used for all kinds of things: breaking news stories, following the news, live streaming events, finding jobs, hosting chats and, of course, content marketing and promotion.

But before you can do any of those things, you first have to set up your Twitter account.

Get Started With Twitter

To get started with Twitter, head over to You’ll need to enter your full name, email, and password in their sign up form.

Twitter signup page

Twitter signup details

Twitter signup username and email ID

Then next choose the username and when you are choosing the username it will tell you whether you can use it or not and it will even suggest you some usernames on the basis of information you have provided.

On the next page, it will ask you to verify your account by writing the code sent to your mobile number or the email whichever you have written.

Twitter verification code

Twitter verification code at your inbox

Then you will head on to selecting your interests and web visits, to get on your newsfeed.

Twitter asks to choose your interests

Once you find the uniques username then next you will have to fill up with your other remaining details.

If you are creating an account for a business, you might want to make sure you can secure the same username for your Instagram account as well.

This will keep your online branding consistent.

On the next screen, choose your interests. Twitter starts you off with a few basic categories but every time you click on the plus sign, more are revealed.

You can also use the search box to search for topics that don’t appear on Twitter’s pre-selected lists.

Twitter asks to choose your interests


Once you are ready with choosing the interests, now you can go further to find friends who can get connected with your business account on Twitter.

On the next screen, you then have the option to follow Twitter accounts that match the interests that you already selected.

Twitter suggests you to follow as per your interests

On the next screen, you have the option to turn on Twitter notifications so that you can receive them on your desktop.

Notifications can come infrequently, even for a brand new account, so think carefully about this decision.

Twitter notifications

Then now its time to update your profile picture and Twitter header.

Most seasoned Twitter users will ignore accounts that still have the Twitter egg as their profile picture.

It’s also something you see on spammy Twitter accounts.

That’s probably why adding a profile photo is the first step in Twitter’s extended setup process.

There’s huge potential for distraction.

You also have to make sure that your photo meets Twitter’s guidelines in terms of file size and dimensions.

If you haven’t got a professional photo handy, then choose one that shows your face (or your logo) clearly.

If you want to change your photo later, you can do this via the “edit profile” link on your profile page.

Then comes the time to update your bio. When you do it it looks more professional and legit.

Your bio is the place where you tell people what is the core value of your business and what do you do to help solve problems of the people.

You have 160 characters for the bio, and you can change it at any time via the settings menu.

Any links you include will be clickable, as in the example below.


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Now let us see the most important Twitter terms:

  1. Tweet – a Twitter status update
  2. Retweet – when you share an existing update to your own home stream. Something that you share that way is a retweet. This is often abbreviated to RT.
  3. Timeline – your home stream of tweets
  4. Avatar – your profile photo
  5. Follow – to subscribe to someone’s updates so they appear in your timeline
  6. Hashtag – a word or symbol preceded by the # symbol. Hashtags help Twitter users to identify and search for content around a topic. Just click on it to see more content on that theme. It’s ok to use multiple hashtags within a tweet but don’t overdo it.
  7. DM – a direct message. Direct messaging is private messaging between one Twitter user and another. Group DMs are also available.
  8. Header photo – the wide photo that appears at the top of your profile. If there is no photo, you will see a blue band.
  9. Like – click on a heart under a tweet to show your appreciation for it. Everything you like is listed in the “likes” tab on your profile.
  10. List – a collection of Twitter users that you want to follow as a group. When you click on a list you will see members’ tweets in their own stream.
  11. Mention – use the @ symbol to tag another user in a tweet. You can use this multiple times within a tweet.
  12. @ – This symbol together with your username is how people identify you on Twitter.

See more important terms in Twitter’s own glossary.

How To Create A Twitter Marketing Strategy?

A well-crafted strategy helps you to understand what are your marketing goals and what are the results you are expecting after you run the marketing strategy.

When you have not the proper channel of marketing strategy you will waste a lot of time and energy by just tweeting for your business.

And when it comes time to review your performance, you’ll struggle to prove what you’ve achieved. And that will make it hard to make the case for increasing your team size or budget.

Every hour you spend on research and strategy will pay off tenfold. We promise. Here’s what you need to do:

Define Your Goals

You need to have specific goals for your Twitter marketing. You need to do the proper homework on what are the goals you want to achieve with Twitter.

Here are some to give as an example:

  • Generate leads and sales
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Build brand and product awareness
  • Decrease customer support costs

Research Your Competition

Find out who are your competitors and then analyze, what are they doing for their customers.

If they are doing something great, learn from them and see how better you can do than them.

Find Out Your Target Audience

No brand in the world has everyone as their targeted audience, and nor you should have.

You need to define your target audience and curate your tweets which resonates them to engage with your tweets.

This will encourage them to engage with your brand and eventually become customers and advocates.

Integrate With Other Social Media Accounts

If you have opened other social media accounts as well, see what people engage more on those platforms and see which are the posts those resonates more to your audience.

Then try to test the same with Twitter as well see how will be the response of your targeted audience on Twitter.

If you have got better insights and lookalike audiences then try to convince them to even check out your Twitter profile.

Implement the same content curation methods if they are performing well on other social media accounts if it worked then use the same or alter it accordingly for Twitter.

Twitter Marketing Tips For Your Business

1. Build A Great Profile

Twitter profile

If your Twitter profile is handcrafted to strategically help your audience with their problems, then your profile should be more than just a profile pic and date of birth.

It needs to have all that content which makes people reach out to your profile with their problems for the solutions.

When your Twitter profile is properly built, it improves trust and increases the appearance in search results of Twitter when searched related to your profile.

Here's how to do it:

Write a great bio: When we write the bio with all the necessary details we will get ranked in Twitter search and if someone searches for your niche then you will be in the search result of the Twitter.

Optimize your profile: When you do some tweaks for your Twitter profile by adjusting the precise location or general area and make it easier for your people to search and then adjust accordingly.

Show it and share it with people: Of course, after investing all this work in crafting a great profile, you’ll want to make sure people actually find it. Add your Twitter handle to your website, email signatures, the side of your delivery truck, and wherever else it makes sense to show it off.

2. Social Listening

If you consider your social strategy includes Twitter then you need to know how to take advantage of the massive audience.

You need to know what people are talking about on Twitter, what are their social interests? how are they reacting to the brands?

When your brand becomes the social champion then it very easy for you to tweak changes to your brand and then act accordingly.

Another key reason to listen on social is to find influencers and experts in your field.

Nearly 40 percent of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a tweet from an influencer, and 49 percent say they rely on influencers when looking for product recommendations.

3. Create Great Content

While it’s true that you’ve only got 280 characters to worry about at a time, you should still strive to write tweets that are on brand, easy to read, and likely to resonate with your audience.

Help your audience with writing the latest trending topics on your niche. Tweet about what are the latest topics, latest news, latest updates about your industry.

See what are the topics people are searching for and Tweet them so that they get engaged with your tweets.

Keep it short as the limit is 280 characters but you don’t have to use all those characters every time to create a great tweet.

Mix up the length of tweets, and remember to use a URL shortener.

You curate content when you sort through the massive amount of content online and share the best of it with your followers in an organized, meaningful way.

Use hashtags to ensure that your content is being seen by as many followers as possible.

4. Use Different Media To Tweet

There is no doubt that Twitter is to write and Tweet, but there are also other options to use multimedia and tweet.

You can use different ways like images, videos, and even GIF.

As far as the latest update you can even ask for Polls on Twitter.

Why not offer your followers more of what they’re asking for?


Tweet video for your business

According to Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing 2017 report, 79 percent of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product than reading text on a page—and 84 percent of consumers have been convinced to make a purchase after watching a brand’s video.


Tweet with images

Among all the options for sharing images and photos online, don’t forget to share them on Twitter too.


Tweet with images & videos

Ah, GIFs. With users sharing over 100 million GIFS on Twitter in 2016, they can be a great option for adding some relevant fun to your tweets.

5. Tweet On Proper Timings

Tweets do not last longer duration. They just have the potential time of 24 minutes and then they reach 75% of maximum potential in the next 3 hours.

Tweet regularly

We recommend tweeting at least once a day to attract and engage Twitter followers. Experiment with posting more than that, and then pay attention to how your followers react to find the frequency that works best for you.

Start with industry best practices

Research has shown that the best posting times are generally 12 p.m., 5 p.m., and 6 p.m.

Use analytics to fine-tune your approach

Use engagement data from Twitter Analytics to adjust your timing once you’ve gathered some data about how followers are engaging with your tweets.

6. Engage With Your Audience

It's easy to talk about the followers you have got, but if you do not engage with them then your followers are just a number.

Here are some things which you need to follow to engage with your audience:

Follow your network


Respond quickly

Use mentions and hashtags

Ask for help

Get interactive

7. Monitor Your Activities

You need to monitor what are your followers doing and you need to also know what are the current trends and be updated.

It is critical if you Tweet something which hurts someone sentiments, that is the reason always roll an eye what are the responses are you getting on your tweets.

Follow your competitors and see what are thy tweeting and see how you can adjust your tweets accordingly.

Get on the Twitter lists to organize your tweets and expose your brand once for all to the mass audience.

8. Measure The Performance

Measuring your Twitter marketing results allows you to evaluate your success, see what kind of content your community engages with, and shows you opportunities for areas to further refine your Twitter strategy. Here are a few ways to get the data you need:

Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics gives you an overview of how your tweets are performing, who is engaging and when, influencers in your network, and metrics for individual tweets.

You can track your followers’ activity over time, their interests, demographics, and (if you’re running a Twitter Ads campaign) ad performance.

9. Advertise On Twitter

Here is the complete guide on Twitter Advertising.

10. Use Advanced Tactics

Why not use advanced Twitter tools for reaching more number of people with your brand.

Use Twitter Chat

Hosting a Twitter chat is a great way to show thought leadership in your field while building advocacy, loyalty, and community. Using a shared hashtag, users meet online to catch up on industry news, discuss issues, and share ideas.

Broadcast live video

Given the exploding popularity of video on social media, adding live video to your Twitter strategy is definitely a promising area to explore.

Use Twitter Moments

Twitter launched Moments in 2015 as a curated list of the day’s big tweets.

In 2016, they opened the tool to everyone on mobile, and marketers have been using it to round up recipes, collaborate with influencers, and even create fan recaps for TV series.

Offer Customer Service

Use your Twitter handle to provide customer service for your audience. Ask for people to tweet with their problem and solve them as soon as possible on Twitter.

Whether you use your primary Twitter account or a devoted one for support will depend on the size of your organization and the type of support you offer.


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With rich opportunities for researching your market, engaging with followers, and building your brand, Twitter has come a long way since its 2006 debut as a simple platform for answering the question “What are you doing?”

It’s a powerful platform for building meaningful relationships that will drive the success of your organization—one follower at a time.

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Good luck!

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