5 Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Getting Conversions

5 Reasons You are Not Getting Conversions For Your Website

Everyday we are at the race of writing our great and epic content and publish it on internet.

But we don't see any conversions.

Now conversions just doesn't mean of selling products on our website, it also includes people are not commenting on any of your posts, people are not sharing any of your content.

So there are different things which people are not at all engaging with your content.

A conversions might be taking the desired action on your site which might be either by purchasing any of the goods, or writing comments or sharing the article on socials.

Now there are many of the other reasons why user is not asking any desired action on your site like, he might be landed on your site by mistake or he might have forgotten to take any action.

So there are many other such reasons why people do not take any actions.

Most of the times you need not to worry where people are not taking any action.

The average conversion rate for landing pages (i.e. the first page a visitor sees) is 2.35%. The top 25% of marketers are converting at 5.31%. And the top 10% are at 11.45%.

That means that, on average, less than 3 people out of 100 take a desired action on a page.

If you’re falling well short of that, then the problem is likely not the users landing on your page – though if you are targeting in the wrong places, it could be – it’s likely that your website copy is not written well enough.

So here are 5 reasons why your website copy might not be converting as well as it should be.

1. Are You Solving Any Problem?

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People come to Google to search of solutions for the problems they are facing.

When they are searching they are always searching for the solutions, or either they are searching for the products which they want to purchase.

Now when they are searching for any solutions they will search with the question in their mind.

Now you can see that even this post has started with the problem and is showing the solution for the people.

When you are writing the content on the web it is all about writing the solutions for the problems.

A “problem” does not need to be serious or grave or something that needs an expert’s knowledge to fix. A “problem” can loosely be defined as “an issue”.

Any kind of issue. Big. Small.

Think about what a user would search for on the internet. They’re all problems.

Here are some examples of post titles with obvious problems:

15 Ways To Fix Your SEO Problems; which is giving the solution for the problem statement.

10 Different Ideas For Content Creation; which is giving the solution statement.

As you can see both they are identifiable problems and are providing solutions for the people.

They immediately engage with readers because they are exactly what readers are looking for when they search for things on the internet.

Identifying Pain Points

As a content creator and/or marketer, you need to identify your customer’s pain points.

You need to figure out what is a problem and what needs a solution.

Here are the few ways find the pain points of the people;

1. Facebook Groups

Go an search for what people are discussing about and address those issues and search for what problems are they finding the solution.

Try to solve their problem by writing the articles or posts in your website.

But make sure that you just don't go spam the content by sharing the same one on every different group.

People will not trust you if you continue doing it.

Try to provide by solution by you being involved in the same discussion and try to convince them to find more comprehensive solution on your website.

2. Check Your Competitors Content

See what your competitors are doing and try to analyse and find your own solutions for the same problems what they have given.

See which of their posts are getting high number social shares, people are commenting and then go and give your own solutions for the same problems, but do not plagiarise the content.

Now let us see the 2nd reason,

2. You Are Not Providing Any Solution

Provide solution for your readers

When people land on your site you have repeatedly stated the problem statement, rather providing the solution.

It is like they are searching for the hotels and you are asking them choices of restaurants and hotels, wherein they have already told you that they need hotels.

So I hope you are understanding the context.

When people come to your website they have come by reading your title stating that you will provide the solution for their problem.

Now it is your responsibility that you provide the solution for their problem.

When you sit for providing the solution see that you focus on providing creative solution for people.

When you sit for ideation process of providing the solution try to find it at ever possible rather giving the same solution so that people remember you.

Become a Problem Solver

Some people may find it hard to come up with creative solutions to problems, but with a little bit of practice, it’s relatively easy.

Most solutions are common sense and can be identified with one of many ideation processes.

Learning how to work through problems not only makes you more valuable to society, it also makes you a better person.

It teaches you how to flex your creative muscle and helps you empathize with your fellow humans.

Now let us see the 3rd reason,

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3. Get To Know About Your Audience

When you are reading this post and you are coming back to read some other, the reason is very simple we write the posts which will match the wavelength of my readers.

We know who read our posts, what content are they interested to read and what is the flow do they love to read.

When we know who are our readers, what is the targeted audience we can articulate the content accordingly.

If you don’t know who you’re writing for, your piece is going to come across as muddled and un-engaging.

You don’t want to talk to your audience with an incorrect tone, an improper story, and uninteresting topics because your audience doesn’t care about those things.

They want to know that you know your audience very well.

When you write the content which will be directly related to them, then it is completely possible to get their attention towards your post.

They want you to address their needs as much as clear as possible.

Identify who you’re talking to whenever you write any copy.

Even things that seem insignificant can make a big impact in your writings.

Try to imagine this person in your head whenever you write. Try to imagine them sitting behind the computer screen listening to everything you’re saying.

Now let us see the 4th reason,

4. Do Not Beat Around The Bush

The title tells everything.

There are lot of people who will speak lot of things on the same topic but will never have any substance to end it.

Those are the people who want to fill up the gap and end the discussion.

Do not be one among them.

We always have some people in our relative or friends circle who are always talking more but they do not have much knowledge about that topic.

Now there are also people who have enormous amount of knowledge about that topic.

When we need any consultation we go near the professionals not the freshers.

When we want some consultation when we are not well we go near doctors not compounders.

So in the same way when people land to your website see that you do not beat around the bush, try to provide the solution very clearly.

You don’t need to fill up space. You need to make sure that people get the information they need. And the only way to do that is by actually knowing the information that people need.

Unless you’re an expert researcher and a professional writer who has mastered the craft of giving out information, you need to be 100% confident that you’re an expert in your niche.

No one wants to hear sewing tips from someone who has never sewed before.

Now let us see the 5th reason,

5. Check Back Once Again

When we complete writing our content we have the habit of checking it twice or thrice so that it should look professional enough.

Now daily I go through many of the articles which have lot of mistakes and they are too common mistakes which are not expected.

People when they read such content they do not get converted any of the products.

The reason is very simple when people see the error of typos and grammatical mistakes it does not look more professional and it looks untidy work.

Do you know that editors are highest paid in the companies so that they maintain the brands professionalisms and they look after the proofreading so that it keeps up the dignity of the brand in any form of content.

Have a practice of editing your content so that you reduce the mistakes.

We do not tell that no one does the mistakes, even we do some typo errors, but we make sure that we check out posts twice to thrice before it is published.

Take an article you’ve read recently from a professional writer. You can use this article if you’d like, but it’s better if you use something that’s more personal to you. And make sure that that writer is a professional from a highly reputable and trustworthy website.

Then, go and create a “reverse outline”. This means that after you’ve read the piece, write an outline for it.

Identify the headings, the subheadings, the main points, and the sub-points.

After you’ve created and studied the outline, go back to the article and see how the author filled in the outline to make the piece well-rounded and complete.

This practice will help you learn what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of structure.

Even having the practice of proofreading will look after having the professionalism in your posts.

People reading your content when they see the context and understand the message easily which you want to convey then to will attract their attention towards your complete site and they get new visitors to your site.

Here is how you grow the loyal audience to your site and you develop the traffic to your site.


When people are expecting something forms your site and they did not find it then it might be your fault or it might not be your fault.

Both are the cases which are to be considered.

So when people land on your site accidentally or sometimes they even get converted.

Getting conversions to your site stats is very low, so do to have the same attitude on all the visitors rather having these problems solved which are discussed above will help you increase the convsersions in long term.

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