Why We Need To Have Best Website Layout?

Why we need to have best website layout

When someone visits the website for the 1st time, they start judging how the website content might be.

People visiting your website should have easy user interflow, which connects an audience to the content what they searched and what they are getting.

We always say that the 1st Impression is the Last Impression.

In the same case, it is for Website Layout.

In this article, we will be seeing how Website Layout Plays Significant Role in conversions and engagements by the visitors when they visit your website.

Businesses or any personal brand and even marketers need to focus on Website UX and Layout.

When we expect people to get converted on our sites we need to have better UX and Layout which are user-friendly to trust and believe our site.

And, of course, a website that doesn’t convert may not exist at all.

Non-converting websites are nothing more than online business cards or brochures, not the kind of lead-generating website you first set out to design.

The best way to know is by just visiting the best websites which make us stay on them and explore the entire content of the website.

The reason we stay for a longer duration on those sites is that of the excellent UX and the design flow of information provided.

We can easily navigate with all the options provided.

It is not space science to make your website user-friendly with excellent UX, it takes some time and you can even use the templates to implement faster.


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Most importantly, the best layouts for marketing are heavily influenced by conversion science, making the designs ideal for marketers who covet more subscribers, leads, and purchases.

Why Do We Need Good Website Layout?

Why do we need good website layout

When a visitor comes to the site his first impression matters especially when it comes to UX and layout of the website.

It’s said that 94% of first-impression is design driven. Not only that, but it takes less than half a second for a visitor to form an opinion of your site.

Another study showed that nearly half of all web visitors will decide if your site is worthy of their time based on simple design alone.

Now then comes the part of using the color palette, images and the graphics with animations etc.

But seeing to the particular of Website Layout, it plays the vital role in conversions, sales, and other engagement activities on our website.

What Is The Impact Of Website Layout On User?

When it comes to user experience, you are certainly providing what user was finding for.

When we go with the basic essence when the user was found for the solution for his problem, you have provided to him, so now he wants to reward you for the help by converting paid customer or want to register for your business services.

Let us say some of them want to subscribe to your newsletter, but you are not asking for any emails for the subscription.

Let us say someone wants to contact you for business purpose, but it is not easy to find your contact details.

So seeing above these, UX and design matter for the visitors to judge the further content of the site.

The bottom line is that the best website layouts are more engaging, visited, and successful.

Let us have a look at some best website designs used by top brands, which are interactive and engaging enough.

We also know some of the website designs which are familiar enough for us always, with logo at the left-hand side corner with a contact number on right-hand side corner.

Important details in between the design and then the information flow with the body texts.

So the websites are always designed with the science of how the natural direction of human eyesight and attention follow.

While it’s natural to want a site that’s unique and creative, stick with what works and you’ll enhance UX and conversions in return.

The best websites are called when they remove all the extra clutter and make it more professional and sleek with white space and in which it turns to look more positive for the user.

The content will be so well streamlined which respects the user's visit.

Most of the websites are always designed to skimmers who wants to take the information as soon as possible and understand the solution to his problem.

The best layouts are instead whittled down to only those basic and ultra-important elements that are necessary for convincing prospects that you’re worthy of their time and money.

The best ideal website looks more with white space and is filled with the most important options only and are found on the pages to navigate with.

Ideally, most of the best website is always responsive and are able to open and adjust as per the sizes of the devices so that they provide the best UX for the visitor visiting from any device.

Making your website layout responsive is crucial when you consider that Google is now Mobile First.

Not only that but if your site fails to tailor itself to your mobile using the audience, 66% will bounce and a third will never return.

These are qualities that every Internet user wants.


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Now let’s see some examples of these award-winning layouts in action.

Best Website Layouts & Why They Work

1. Asana

Asana Website Layout

Check out how Asana has managed itself to give the clear navigation to the visitors.

Using the white space has made it look cleaner and looks more positive.

Having the CTA buttons at the right place will help itself to get through the conversions.

They have even made easier for the people to get started with the trial by just adding our email right on front home page.

If the visitor wants to learn more, he or she can scroll down to view more of that presentation we’re teased with, and there’s a simple navigation menu that is straight-forward and designed with efficiency in mind.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox website layout

One of the popular cloud storage website Dropbox also has above the fold best experience.

They have seamlessly designed the website with user-friendly details.

Finding more information regarding the products is made easy and just below it, you can register yourself for the product with few steps.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly Website Layout

When visited Grammarly, they literally show you the demo as soon as you visit the home page.

They are showing the animation of how their product will help when started using.

Giving the real-time experience to the people, they are converting the visitors into customers.

When just scroll down they have even given the demonstration of the article with the images on how Grammarly helps in solving spellings and sentence errors.

So these were some examples of how these popular brands use website layout to convert their visitors to customers.

Now let us see some best practices to improve the website layout.

Layout Design Best Practices

If you want to infuse these best practices into your own website layout, here are a few steps to follow.

Navigation Bar

The first rectangle which we see on the websites which will be having a different set of buttons is itself called navigation bar.

Do not fill up the navigation bar with unwanted buttons to just fill it up.

Include the most important buttons which will direct visitors to know more and get converted by your information provided.

Submenus should then be used to drive visitors even deeper down your site’s rabbit hole.

Don’t make pages too deep to find, however. A search box can also help visitors find what they need quickly for maximum UX and conversions.

Above The Fold

When it comes to above the fold, the most critical information is included in it like landing page information and conversion copy.

The reason put it in the center is that when someone visits they will get the information as soon as they visit your site.

For example, many websites, such as the examples above, use the formula Headline, Subhead, Copy, Image, and CTA above the fold.

Good Website Architecture

Website architecture is decided upon how you design the navigation of the homepage.

When you recollect and design the homepage as per the expectation of users, they will try to explore more on your site.

When it comes to other pages, design them accordingly and make sure that you provide easy navigation to go to other pages of the website.

For example, many websites follow the tried and true Home, About, Services, and Contact as a basic structure.

Other pages may be included, such as Blog and FAQ, for instance.

When people see these common headers, they are easy to understand and they get familiarised, so it is better you use the common flow.

Keep your menu items simple to understand and you should have an effective website layout to drive more sales.

Use PopUps

Why use PopUps?

When we use popups, you are calling him to review or subscribe for your website so that he get regular updates on his inbox about your website.

Even if someone does not convert for the first time you can ask him to subscribe to your email list so that you can call him back through emails.

Similarly, exit popups can be used to capture bouncing traffic, which can help bring them back into the fold of your website for a second look.


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No one is interested to pay money to those products which do not provide value to us.

If we do not get quality products, then we are never going to pay for those products.

In the same way, when people visit your site, they believe in your company when they have the best UX and easy navigation.

There is no website which is successful in converting visitors to customers without paying attention to UX and website layouts.

The good news is that you now have several examples to help you create the best website layout for your audience.

With clarity, simplicity, and intuitive organization, you’ll soon have one of the top website layouts that make visitors want to stay, return, tell their friends, and click-to-buy.

That’s what having a successful website is all about.

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Good luck!

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