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7 Reasons To Choose Wordpress For Blogging

Everyone asks me the same question. Why I should choose wordpress for blogging?

Is it not good to use other platforms for blogging? Why should I switch to wordpress? Now to answer these questions I have written this post with 7 Reasons To Choose WordPress For Blogging.

Today wordpress powers 30% of world's websites as of February 2018. Earlier wordpress was the synonym for blogging which was true in the past.

But today it has versatile features to power fully functional websites, blogging websites as well as even mobile applications.

The reason why most of the people choose wordpress over other blogging platforms is because of its easy to use interface with robust features in built.

People having little knowledge of coding can well run their websites with wordpress.

Now let us dive into the reasons Why you need to choose wordpress for blogging?

1. Free Is Great Gift

Internet has powered people to organise world data and again serve back to people.

If we get something for free it is the most valuable tool for bloggers and we start using it.

That is the significant reason why wordpress got so much of popularity in the internet world.

When people saw the wordpress as the open source project to use for blogging, they started working on it and made some robust blogging websites, which enticed other people to use it.

WordPress is completely free software, which you can download it and use it. It is even open source where you get the complete source code and you can study and make changes to it as per your needs.

To start running your wordpress website for blogging all you need is Hosting and the Domain and I always recommend to use Bluehost or Kinsta for purchasing the both as they are giving 50% off for our users.

Bluehost and Kinsta have 1 click wordpress installation in your server to use it for blogging or even building your website.

When it comes to purchasing the hosting even wordpress lists Bluehost on first place.

Here is the image:

Wordpress lists Bluehost for hosting the website

You can even search for your favorite domain and purchase hosting right from my website:

Kinsta is also the powerful hosting service for wordpress blogs and websites. I can even assure you the best in option with Kinsta where I have personally used it and experienced the best results.

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You can choose any one of the both and I am giving you both the options with the complete transparency on having the best experience on both the hosting services.

The other advantage of using the wordpress is you become the member of the like minded awesome community of wordpress. You will also get the support form wordpress community members, themes, free plugins and many more.

Now let us go to the 2nd reason,

2. Attractive Themes & Plugins For Free

Whenever we sit and decide to start the website, the basic work starts from designing the website.

Then comes the phase of programming, to run the show in the website.

Then comes the phase of adding the features of email subscription, message insights, chatbox and many more tools.

So these are the things which are the most time consuming works, and that is where wordpress comes into picture.

It has more than 3000 excellent themes, more than 31,000 plugins with just 1 click install to your site and you can start using them on your site.

So that is the way you are going to save your time on your website and use the same on your other execution works.

Now let us go to 3rd reason,

3. Don't Worry It's Already SEO Friendly

Wordpress is SEO friendly

When we are designing the website the another crucial thing to remember is SEO of the site and wordpress has already done it for you.

It is written with standard compliance high quality code and produces semantic mark up which makes your site very attractive to search engines.

So you no need to worry more about ranking your site in search engines, where you can even boost your seo by installing plugin in your wordpress site as well as some other on page SEO things.

Here is the article to help you Rank #1 On Google.

Here is the another article with in depth SEO Factors To Be considered For Your Site.

Now let us go to 4th reason,

4. Small Business Get Started Easily

Small business

When someone starts with new business and they are yet small where they cannot afford huge expenses on programmers for designing the website.

As wordpress is already free, they can use it to start their static website and have their online presence and start creating the content with blogs.

With this in mind people start using the wordpress which already has all the required resources for website like themes and plugins.

So this is even great to get started with static websites.

Now let us go to 5th reason,

5. Business Needs Manager & WordPress Has It Inbuilt

Wordpress manager

When you want to manage your website like updating the themes, plugins or improve your page seo or make changes for your website, everything is given in built.

WordPress in built builder will also help you to design new business website and update them with just drag and drop.

It even helps you in backup pf your website, so you no need to even worry about your security of the website.

So everything is already managed in the wordpress which is more user friendly and helps you boost your work more easily.

Now let us go to 6th reason,

6. Technical Skills Are Not Much Required

No technical skills required

When designing the website, the crucial thing is you need to know coding, programming and all other technical knowledge to make your website.

But when you switch to wordpress it is highly user friendly interface, where even person who doesn't know even the basic knowledge of programming can run his worpress webiste very fluently.

So that is the way wordpress has built its platform.

Today wordpress can be even installed in your pc or download the app to edit or add content to your website.

So that is why people switch to wordpress for their websites.

Now let us go to 7th reason,

7. Security & Safety Also Plays The Key-Role

Wordpress security

As I said above today wordpress powers world's 30% websites, then it already define you the security and safety of your website.

WordPress is developed by keeping safety and security in mind.

They cannot give you the 100% guarantee on it as internet is also the uncertain place.

You also need to find some other resources to make your site more secured from frauds and spammers who are sitting and finding websites to destroy.

Don't make your website the next option.


Congratulations, you have got the complete knowledge on choosing the wordpress.

So these were the 7 Reasons why you need to switch for wordpress.

Tell me in the comments below what are your opinions about wordpress.

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If you believe in my Why!

Good luck!

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