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YouTube Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, we all think of marketing on internet and reach the millenial.

Platforms like, Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn & Twitter.

When we think of placing ads on websites or on SERP we go with Google, and when it comes to Social Media we go with Facebook and Instagram and when it comes to video marketing, we prefer YouTube.

YouTube Marketing for businesses is great tool and opportunity to tell the story of your business to billions of people in the form of video.

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So now let us dive into the guide of YouTube marketing.

YouTube is the best place for video marketing currently.

With over billion users everyday watching billions of hours videos with billions of hours of videos uploaded.

Now the question is how to get started with your youtube marketing for your business.

1. Preparing Your Channel Layout

Getting started with channel layout by proposing your audience what your channel is all about.

Having the proper layout by adding the cover picture with CTA and including your website and other social media links in cover picture.

Enticing your audience or the first time visitors with high propelling trailer for your channel, which has the story of your business and not just intro or outro.

Having the same color scheme which gives connectivity for your business as well as your channel.

Now let us go to 2nd step,

Give An Informative Channel Description

The channel description is the Bio Data of your channel.

It should reflect all the important details at the beginning itself.

Give the complete idea of who are you?, what are you doing?, and the value proposition to the new visitors with your description.

When the First Time Subscriber comes to your channel he sees the trailer as well as the chaneel description at the right side of your channel page.

When viewers read it, they should have a pretty good idea of what your channel is about and know where to go for more information.

Here are some tips,

  • Most important information at the beginning.
  • Use unique description phrases to pop the interest to know about your channel.
  • Use call to action words to compel them to subscribe and watch your videos.
  • Include the links of your personal websites and social media profile links.
  • Check how is your description displayed in other devices like mobile and tablets.

2. Creating Content Regularly

Consistently uploading the content related to your business will keep your channel active and engaging so that people will come back to watch your videos because of your consistency.

Having updated channel with regular uploads will grow your audience day by day with new subscribers, views and likes as well as comments for your videos.

Having the schedules for your videos is really very important and uploading at least 1 video every weak is expected from most of the viewers.

So make your schedules to create content for your audience and choose the right days to publish the content.

Now let us go to 3rd step,

3. Provocative Thumbnails For Your Videos

Instagram For Branding

Now when you are designing the thumbnail there are some key things which you need to focus on like:

Provocative : Whether my thumbnails are having the enticing feeling to click on my video, and how enticing it is. Will people really see my thumbnail? How will I stand out from crowd?

Personal Selling : You need to be present in the thumbnail so that people feel that human touch of viewing your videos.

Enticing & Clear : Make your thumbnails look like the message of your entire video so that they hit on it.

4. Enticing Titles

When you are writing the titles, then you need to think a little longer because using the same words on your thumbnail as well as titles is not going to entice the viewer.

You need to provide some more details so that they will get to know what video is going to reveal me if I play it.

Viewers are going to give just 3 seconds on your titles and then done.

So while writing the titles see that you give the message to the viewer of what actually video is all about, and what are the things you will get to know.

5. Use Logo For Branding

Youtube thumbnail by weebigo

Now this is another way of promoting your brand where in you use your logo in your thumbnails and now even if you do not get any clicks from the viewers from search results but you are creating your brand awareness with people.

Making it more clear on thumbnails will help you out to make people remember of your brand which helps you in long terms ways of getting connected with people.

When people tend to see it regularly in search results, they tend to remember your brand, because human brain thinks with images and not with words.

So make sure that you use your brand logo on your video thumbnails.

Now let us go to 6th step,

6. Collaborate With Similar Business YouTube Channels

Collaborating with similar business YouTube channel will help you get more engagements when someone sees you on other channels.

People even tend to checkout your channel as well.

Having tried it will boost your subscribers as well as more viewers to your channel.

So find out who is the similar person for your business which helps both of you to grow your audience as well as engagement.

7. Describe Your Videos Properly

Describing your videos is directly connected with SEO of youtube search.

Let us say someone is searching for "Best recipe to prepare sushi", now the bot starts searching for the titles and descriptions which contains the keywords like best recipes or sushi recipe so you need to include all the keywords in your titles and descriptions.

Here is the image for more info:

Youtube marketing 1


8. Give Subtitles For Your Videos

Not everyone knows your accent of language you are speaking.

So always use the captions for your videos so that they get to know what message are you trying to give them.

It increases the watch time of your videos and helps understand clearly what are you actually trying to tell.

Image below will give you more idea on captions and its significance:

Youtube marketing2

9. Using Tags Related To Your Content

Best way to use the tags is, think about what your audience is searching for and use those tags.

And the another way is to go and find the related videos in youtube and see what type of keywords are they using in their descriptions and get some ideas to write yours as well.

Now let us go to 10th step,

10. Get More Likes, Comments & Subscriptions

Having heard it for anytime that people on youtube ask you to like the video, subscribe and write your opinion in comments below.

So even I do it, here's how I do it:

Hey, whatsup people this is Anish Kokani from Helping businesses grow in terms of Sales, Revenue & Traffic & Teaching People How To Make Money Online.

Please consider subscribing to my youtube channel for regular notifications on my uploads.

Even I do it at the end:

So let us meet with another interesting topic in the next video which helps business grow in terms of Sales, Revenue & Traffic & Teaching People How To Make Money Online.

Please consider subscribing to my youtube channel for regular notifications on my uploads and hit the like button if you liked it and tell me your opinions of my tips in comments below.

So why should you do it, it is very simple it sends the message to youtube that this video has more engagement so people are interested to watch it then I will have to show it in results page.

Now let us go to 11th step,

11. Hook Your Viewer

When viewer comes to your video and bounces off your video within just 10 seconds, then that is not the valued view.

You need to hook your audience or viewer with some trick of making him stay and watch your entire video.

Remember you have only first 5 to 10 seconds to hook viewer attention, or else they bounce off your video.

So work very seriously on how can you hook your audience.

Now I am not going to talk more on how to get more views as I have already covered in in this article :

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Now let us go to 12th step,

12. Use End Screen Annotations & Cards

Annotations are the video cards which come at the end of your videos to navigate them to watch the next interesting videos.

You need to use them so that they spend more time on your channel.

So start using them so that they tour more on your channel videos.

Cards are the Info Cards which come in between your videos to navigate them to tell the next important videos or other related videos.

Video info card come on the right upside corner of the video player.

Here is the image giving more idea on end screen annotations and cards.

Youtube branding 2

End screen annotations and cards youtube

13. Call To Action

As I said earlier I call all my viewers to Subscribe, like and comment for the videos so that YouTube gets message of higher engagement on my videos.

So for that you need to call your viewers to do the same to get their attention towards it.

Use the annotations of Subscribing at the end of the video.

Here is the image to give you the idea.

Youtube end screen annotation


Congartulations, now you are ready to start your marketing on YouTube with videos.

Hope you got more valued information.

If so then please share it with your friends.

Let me know what are your opinions of these steps as well as you can even suggest some other things if you know with others in comments below.

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If you believe in my Why!

Good luck!

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