Increase Views For Your YouTube Videos – 2018

Youtube views

Let us become real on this topic.

You will get 1000s of videos which are present on Youtube as well as 1000s of other blog posts which are written on getting the views faster.

Some are really excellent blog posts and some are terrible ones.

So I thought of trying to do the research on which are the best tips as well as steps to follow to get higher views which are considerable enough and provide value to your content.

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Before we begin with steps let me tell you something which is really very important, where YouTube is more concerned about your watch time and not on subscribers or views.

But Why? Then have I wasted my energy to get those many subscribers or views!

No, in this case YouTube has come up with this decision to help more creators to give analytics on what is the real value you are getting out of the views.

Let us say someone hits on your video by your impressive thumbnail and bounces off with 10 seconds, then that is not considered as the valued view.

It is just the simple bounce view.

But when someone watches your video for more than 1minute or 2 minutes if your video is about 3 or 4 minutes then it is the valued view.

So I recommend you to focus on your watch time and not just the views which give you the real validation of your total number of views.

Now let us dive in to know what are the ways to get more views on YouTube,

1. Thumbnail

2. Titles

3. Hook Up Your Audience

4. Content

Now you might say that these are the normal ones which you are telling like others, but I would like to ask you something?

Are you a master in performing all the above steps for your YouTube videos.

If yes what is the score and let me know your analytics in the comments below.

If no, then these are serious things which matter most of the time for your views, social media sharing, provoking, being consistent are all the next doop things, but these are the fundamentals.

So lets dive into one by one:

1. Thumbnail

Now let us see some image defining the details of thumbnail,

Youtube branding 6

Now the viewership of youtube videos begins with the above 4 fundamentals.

It begins with seeing your Thumbnail, Reading your title, Hooking your viewer and the Content.

Now when you are designing the thumbnail there are some key things which you need to focus on like:

Provocative : Whether my thumbnails are having the enticing feeling to click on my video, and how enticing it is. Will people really see my thumbnail? How will I stand out from crowd?

Personal Selling : You need to be present in the thumbnail so that people feel that human touch of viewing your videos.

Enticing & Clear : Make your thumbnails look like the message of your entire video so that they hit on it.

Now let us go to the 2nd one,

2. Titles Of YouTube Videos

Youtube branding

When you are writing the titles, then you need to think a little longer because using the same words on your thumbnail as well as titles is not going to entice the viewer.

You need to provide some more details so that they will get to know what video is going to reveal me if I play it.

Viewers are going to give just 3 seconds on your titles and then done.

So while writing the titles see that you give the message to the viewer of what actually video is all about, and what are the things you will get to know.

Have the practice of using dates and numbers in your titles so that they feel it is the new ones as well as validation with the steps you are going to tell them.

People tend to click more on those title videos which have odd numbers and dates which provocate viewer to know more about the video.

Now let us go to the 3rd point,

3. Hook The Viewer

Many of the times, what I have observed is you have done great job with your title as well as thumbnail.

But when they hit the video to play it, they bounce off.

2% - 3% is Ok.

But large number of people doing the same thing then you are not hooking your viewer to stay to watch the complete video.

If he is bouncing off within 5 to 10 seconds then you have some serious problems with your video quality.

You will have to know that you have just max of 5 - 10 seconds to hook your viewer, so you need to have content something which provocates him to stay and watch the video.

Some of the best practices are :

Asking questions?

Announcements on the end of the video so that they stay and watch the video.

So it depends on your content on how you provocate or hook your viewer to watch the entire video.

Now let us go to the 4th way,

4. Content

Now when we just realise the 3 things above then comes the content.

If viewer is bouncing somewhere in between the video then you are not actually engaging with him and if so this continues, no one will watch your video after few minutes.

So just go to your analytics and find out at what time your viewer is bouncing from your video content and then there is the serious change which you need to bring in that time.

Let us say you are just out of the screen and people are just leaving your video then think about how you can stay on the screen and engage with your viewer.

See that you have all the changes you bring from the timings which viewer is bouncing from so that you get the valued views.


Having said above these are the 4 fundamentals of getting higher viewership of videos which are actually considered for watch time and not just views.

Having 100,000 views of just 10 seconds every time is not valued rather having just 10,000 views with full time watched is more valued.

So focus on watch time with your views, that's really key thing.

So let me know in the comments below what are the things have you used to increase your views for your videos as well as what are your results after implementing these steps.

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Good luck!

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