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Youtube branding

Today YouTube attracts every other person from the world to watch the videos.

So then is there any thing I need to prove you Why should you build brand with Youtube channel?

Before I begin if you are not familiar with starting youtube channel or building business with youtube channel, then below are the articles.

Launch Your Successful YouTube Channel

Build Business With YouTube Channel

So now let us begin with building the brand with YouTube channel,

1. Be Passionate With Your YouTube Channel

Youtube branding

Most of the people sit and search for which are the trending topics that get more views on YouTube rather they fail to find what are they passionate about.

YouTube is the place with the community of content creators who are creating content for helping people with their voice reach more audience and bring the change.

Now they are doing it because they are passionate about what they are doing.

That is the only how I can emphasise on it currently.

You can go and checkout lots of youtube channels which have millions of subscribers with millions of views monthly, they have made it possible when they are passionate about what they are doing.

So get started with the channel to make it brand if you are really passionate about it.

2. Do Not Copy Others, Be Unique

Youtube branding

Copying others content and remaking the same will let you go down in front of your audience. They will not support your channel.

People like your originality and love to see your own skills and not the copied ones.

Every individual is different and they want to see what is that uniqueness you have so that they can support your channel.

Uploading the videos which are copied ones or just refurbishing them will be very easy to find out so never mess up doing it and get caught even before you grow or building brand with your channel.

Go out and explore what are you good at finalise one niche thing on which you can focus on and start creating the content.

3. Learn About Your Audience

Youtube branding

Some people might ask me now,

Hey Anish I've now just started my YouTube channel, and how do I know about my audience.

So my answer is very simple.

Before you started YouTube channel you had done the research on who will be watching my videos and then what is the demography, so you will have to remember it and create the content.

Creating content for just views is not going to hit the macro success rather it is just for micro and then people are going to leave your channel.

So think about your audience what is the content they want to actually watch from you and what makes them more interesting.

You will come to know with the video analytics by finding out which video has more views and which video has more engagements with likes and comments.

So learn more and more about your audience if its possible take a survey with your fan followers on other social media and ask for what they are interested to watch and then make videos on them.

4. Communicate With Your Audience

Youtube branding

Now this one is specifically very important.

Let us say you are already doing some videos and want to convert your channel into brand or your own personal brand.

How do you do it?

Talk with your audience.

I am not telling you to go and meet the audience.

But talking in the videos in such a way that they feel that they are really important part of this community.

Asking them to write down their views or comments on what do they feel about your channel.

Be more cool and friendly as possible, so that your audience gets engaged with you and help you in supporting your channel.

Now there are many people who are actually watching your videos but do not have any idea how Youtube works so ask them to be the part of your community by asking and navigating them to subscribe to your channel and tell them what does it happen when they subscribe to your channel.

Now this is the way how you help out people as well as communicate with your audience.

One more important thing to mention is start replying to each and every comments below so that they feel they are important and they actually get the replies back from you.

5. Tell A Story

Youtube branding

Do you love to listening stories?

I just love to listen stories and that is what attracts me about individuals.

Now this happens even with your audience.

They are even interested to listen to the stories.

You take any successful companies today and they all are the part of the story and that is why they are actually very cool while giving any keynote speaks.

We all love to listen to the stories from our childhoods. When our grandparents or even our parents used to tell us the stories to make understand what is life and etc etc.

Compelling stories have that attraction beauty of making your audience attention stay towards you and gain it for longer term.

If you ask me people who are successful, they all are excellent story tellers.

Story telling is the only way how you can actually grab the attention of the audience.

If you want you can check it out by associating with any big brands.

6. Find Out The Influencers

Youtube branding

Now you would ask me who are influencers.

Influencers are those who will help you out to tell more people that you have the excellent content on this particular niche and I really follow him for all my solutions on that niche.

So this is possible by those who have high number of fan followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or even Youtube.

You need to make them to influence your channel in front of their audience.

Find out those guys who are really in love with what you are doing and would like to really influence your content in front of others.

Having such people as the influencers will help you out for word of mouth marketing and will give you the more reach of people.

Finding the influencers who really get what you are trying to do and would really like to promote your brand in front of others.

So start finding yours one.

7. Be Consistent

Youtube branding

Now here I am not talking about scheduling your uploads on Youtube I am actually talking about being consistent on everything you would want to do to promote your channel.

Things like posting content related to your channel in other social medias like Facebook or Instagram, replying to the comments of the people.

Tweeting about what were you upto and how are you doing.

Seeing that you are really get connected with each and every work you are doing daily so that you do not miss out doing the work even for one day.

That is how you maintain the consistency with all the works you do related to your channel.

Having the schedule to just upload the videos is just the part of your consistency, but having the schedules for whole day, a week or month is what consistency I am talking about.

People need to feel that value you are giving them without having even the single break out of the day.

Consistency is the only key for all your plans and goals to reach.

Have the good one.

8. Focus On Content

Your brand should correspond to the type of content you produce. You’ll want it to convey the essence of what viewers can expect to see now and in the future.

Irrelevant content is ambiguish for your audience, so focus on one particular niche and make content only regarding to that topic.

People are interested to watch the particular content what you are actually producing and they do not want to get deviated from it.

So always produce the content which conveys the same meaningful things which you are targeted with your particular niche.

9. Never Give Up

You can check out any of the youtube channels or interviews of the youtubers or who have their own brands of their youtube channel.

They will tell you one same thing that is Never Give up.

There are many of Youtubers out there who started with really small thing and they have grown to big things today and that is because they did not give up.

So I would like to tell you the same thing never give up.


Now I would like to show you some things which are also significant to build your brand on youtube.

Youtube branding 7

Youtube branding 6

Youtube branding 4 Youtube branding 3 Youtube branding 2 Youtube branding 1 Youtube branding 5


So these were the above steps which you need to follow to build your brand on YouTube.

Let me know in the comments below which are the above steps you are following as well if you have anything new ones to share with others.

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If you believe in my Why!

Good luck!

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